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  • Alfresco Floors – Tougher than timber and stronger than stone

    Tougher than timber and stronger than stone, 20mm exterior grade porcelain tiles are already being specified for external areas in commercial and residential developments all over mainland Europe.  Now, Alfresco Floors are bringing an exclusive new range to the UK.

    Strong enough to hold a car and tough enough to provide a surface that is scratch resistant, frost resistant, stain resistant, slip resistant, fade proof, fire proof and immune to the mould and algae growths that always plague traditional stone and timber materials – it is no wonder that these super strength tiles are proving to be so popular on big commercial projects, where easy installation and minimal maintenance are major requirements. With their high technical specifications and low maintenance requirements, Alfresco Floors porcelain tiles are actually better suited to life outdoors than either stone or timber – and, across the quality/performance charts, they cost less than both.

    Available in about 50 different surface options (from wood and stone, to concrete and plaster) these new ‘double depth’ tiles finally bring all the design potential of traditional interior ceramic products to the much more environmentally demanding world of exterior landscaping – and where the installation calls for a continuous  surface from inside to out, Alfresco Floors can also supply matching 10mm versions of all its tiles.  Combine this creative potential with a variety of tile shapes and sizes, step kits, coping tiles, borders, drainage grills and dedicated swimming pool fittings and you will begin to understand the huge opportunity these new products offer outdoors.

    With over 20 years experience designing, supplying and installing outdoor surfaces, Alfresco Floors know the UK hard landscaping business inside out, and now our extensive range of exterior porcelain tiles allow more modern and more efficient methods of installation – straight onto grass, directly onto compacted gravel, or onto our own patented system of Buzon raised floor pedestals, where the tiles are fitted without any need for grout and will simply drain off onto the substrate below.

    Already a well established technique in commercial developments, Alfresco Floors are launching their Buzon raised flooring system into the domestic garden business – where they are convinced it will revolutionise hard landscaping in that market.  Quick and simple to install, rock solid to walk on (and strong enough to park cars on with our 20mm tiles) the huge advantage of a pedestal system in the garden is that any tile can be removed, at any point in the future, to access drains or services, or indeed add entirely new lighting and irrigation systems that were never envisaged when the original installation went down.

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