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  • Pave the way for parquet flooring

    Flooring Specialist, Atkinson & Kirby is pleased to announce the arrival of its new Renaissance Collection of classic parquet flooring.

    Originally made famous by Louis XIV, who replaced all the marble floors in the Palace of Versailles with parquet, the geometrical style adds a distinct elegance and sophistication to any space.

    The new range is inspired by current trends with ten contemporary colours, in three different finishes, including, oiled, brushed and lacquered, designed specifically to combine durability and functionality to suit a wide range of tastes and applications.

    For those wanting a bespoke look the single block thickness, allows for mix and match of colours, enabling designers to be creative with their space, adding texture and interest to their projects.

    Futhermore, the suitability of the range for use over underfloor heating adds extra versatility for both modern and more traditional interiors, adding a true sense of luxury.

    Paul Martin, Group Product Marketing Manager for Atkinson & Kirby, said: “The new range is quick and simple to navigate. The benefits of single block thickness, allow for mix and match of colours, making this range a popular option for residential and commercial applications alike.

    “The wonderful thing about parquet flooring is its versatility, it weathers to a lovely patina over the years, but can also be sanded down many times for clients who prefer it to look new at all times.

    “When it comes to maintenance generally all wooden floors are easy to upkeep, but any maintenance regime depends
on the finish applied to the floor. All wood floor needs to be swept or vacuumed regularly, barrier mats should be used at doorways and, if possible, shoes removed to ensure the flooring stays in perfect condition.”

    To help designers finish flooring projects with style, mouldings are a great way to add character and style to projects. Regardless of whether it is a commercial property or a living room, the devil really is in the detail and mouldings help to create an immaculate finish.

    Specifying the right flooring can help create the perfect base for any setting, serving as a focal point or supporting role in the room’s décor.

    For more information on the latest Renaissance Collection, please visit: www.akirby.co.uk to download a brochure. Alternatively, please contact your local Atkinson & Kirby sales representative.

    Atkinson & Kirby is a leading name in flooring industry, and is also part of the Archwood Group, which includes sister brands, Richard Burbidge and Masons Timber Products, so Atkinson & Kirby’s customers can benefit from exciting cross brand opportunities.

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