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  • Crafted insulation for period homes

    The company mission of CosyHome is to bring period homes up to modern standards of warmth and comfort while preserving their architectural heritage says director, Mukti Mitchell, “So I decided to develop unobtrusive systems specially designed for period and listed homes which have been very popular with Listed Property Owners club and conservation officers.”

    CosyHome Company offers smart insulation solutions to keep your home warm and draught free, cutting heat loss by up to 50 per cent with a return on investment of 10-20% per year.

    Valuing elegant and subtle design CosyHome has developed advanced secondary glazing that can be fitted to sash-windows as well as casement windows, using magnetic strips and shatterproof plexi-glass that is seven times better insulator than glass and is virtually invisible.

    CosyHome also specializes in draught control while still allowing ventilation for the building to breathe, using durable rubber seal for windows and doors and concealed brush beading for sash windows. Other products available are sheep wool loft insulation, thermal laminate boarding for sloping ceilings and heritage restoration of period doors and windows.

    Currently CosyHome is insulating the entire historical village of Clovelly, located on the North Devon coast. The buildings here are some of the UK’s oldest most protected buildings, many of them cobb and lime mortar cottages dating back to the 18C, and therefore the work requires skilled craftsmanship for the job. Taking great care not to interfere with the look and feel of old traditional and period properties CosyHome employ top craftsmen trained in both restoration and insulation techniques.


    A typical old home loses 10 per cent of the heat through the loft, 20 per cent through glass, 30 per cent through drafts, 25 per cent through the walls and 15 per cent through the floors. During a survey CosyHome provides an audit that will show you where you are losing the most heat, the savings you can expect from proper insulation and the next steps tailored to your needs.

    CosyHome sources the most eco-friendly materials available, with a strong concern for the environment founding the company’s core values. The company uses sheep wool loft insulation that lasts 60 years, supports local farmers and has no adverse health effects in contrast to glass wool that only last 15 years.

    Mukti Mitchell set up the business after learning how proper insulation of your property can not only save you money but has the potential to contribute to a significant reduction of the UK carbon footprint. Mukti says, “If all old homes throughout the UK were brought up to national insulation standards then the UK’s carbon footprint will be reduced by 10%, so it’s good for your pocket and your home, as well as the planet.”

    Cosy Home 5 Year Celebration







    Cosy Home 5 Year Celebration


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