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    Olivia Bards’s eclectic interiors range has been inspired by travel and is perfect for creating unique and individual interiors schemes.  Her collections coordinate fabrics, tiebacks and poles for perfect window and upholstery dressing.  Olivia’s travels have taken her to many remote and fascinating destinations in the world where memories or ancient civilisations merge with developing cultures. These unforgettable stories explore the beauty of the world and its people and tell their story, expressed into form and print.

    Olivia Bard collections, are inspired by world travel, its people and their art.  Sweeping through diverse geographical landscapes and cultures, bringing an eclectic style that communicates the voices of the world to bring considered individual interiors together, making home an extraordinary place.

    The new collection Burnished Grandeur evokes the heritage of old world French elegance.  This beautiful collection combines a sense of re-discovered heirlooms for the modern interior setting.  The opulence of texture in sumptuous velvet and chenille, uses contemporary tones of blue steel and antique pearl.  Striking prints bring together the rich patina of age with a modern twist.  The warm metallic hints of copper, gold and pewter are enriched by jewelled highlights of ruby to create a timeless splendour for the interior realm.

    The graceful collection of accompanying silky tiebacks presents flowing skirts and striking glass perfume bottle inspired detailing.

    Burnished Grandeur joins a growing portfolio of collections which are each inspired by journey’s made: Curious World tribal influences tells an eclectic story of evocative patterns and textures along with striking tribal and safari prints, conjuring up the allure of voyage and discovery in a palette based on subtle, natural shades and earthy tones with occasional vibrant accents of Burnt Orange and China Blue.

    Tamed Spirit is a journey into the botanical world, caputured by a collection of beautiful watercolour prints and intricate textures contrasting vibrant botanical themes, with organic form.  Verdant earthy colours reflect the harmony of nature with accents of chartreuse, coral and powder blue.

    Love Peculiar travels into the world or art and crafts, with a highly individual collection of vibrant designs that celebrates the distinctive traditional techniques of paisley, hand block printing and hand embroidery, celebrating classic folk art and artisan techniques.

    Do Decadence is a collection of opulent textures and lavish embroidery inspired by the grand era of Art Deco in Europe.  The rich colour palette of Antique Gold, Pearl and Pewter with accents of Teal and Chartreuse bring graceful glamour and understated elegance.

    For more information about Olivia Bard contact us on interiors.sales@haddowgroup.com or by phone on 01274360400 or visit our website www.oliviabard.com

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