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    “Decayeux Security is the new name in the UK for secure residential front doors. Part of the DAD Group, we have been manufacturing high quality secure residential steel doors for over 20 years.  All of our doors are bespoke, made to order and delivered with 4-5 weeks! An installation service is also available

    With a wide range of finishes and options available to choose from, you can design whatever look and feel you desire, including a printed or leather bound solution.

    No matter what design you decide upon, rest assured knowing that the security element has already been looked after for you. Our 65mm steel constructed, rock wool insulated, multiple locking mechanism doors also come with 5 keys and a unique personalised key code card to guarantee nobody can get copies of your keys without your authorisation. The majority of our doors are Police Approved (tested in the UK) against attacks. They also have been tested to achieve some of the best rating for Energy Efficiency and acoustic. We will protect you from it all to make you feel safe at home.

    Choose from a plethora of ironmongery to dress your bespoke door too.  Why not include an electronic digital spy hole?  Or a full length stainless steel pull bar?  Whatever your heart desires, we can add it to your tailor made door for you. Our Design Team can even show illustrations of how your new door would look like on your house!

    Please feel free to find out more by visiting our recently launched web site where you can discover more about our solutions, locate your most local showroom or to simply contact us for a detailed quotation or site visit.

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