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    Galiatea is a fusion of cultures and styles, of simplicity and sophistication. The name Galiatea is derived from the word Galatea (the mythical muse of art, created by Pygmalion as the “perfect woman”) and the word Gaia (signifying “mother of earth”). The name Galiatea is intended to be symbolic – the melding of “art” and “earth”, as represented by one-of-a-kind handcrafted furniture and decorations from earth’s natural beauty (from lush alpaca furs of Peru to exotic woods of Brazil). By combining these two elements of art and earth, we believe that unique works of art can emerge, transforming an interior into a singular and fascinating space. Our new collection, entirely handcrafted, combines contemporary design with the most exotic, luxurious and unique materials found in the Andean Region and Brazil.


    Sophia Clark

    Email: info@galiatea.com

    Website: www.galiatea.com

    Phone: +51 942 627 551

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