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    Sun control roller blinds up to 6.0 metres tall are easily accommodated with the Reflex-Rol bespoke shading system. This high performance solar shading system provides year round office comfort with the use of an ultra-thin, metallised solar filter.

    Firstly its thinness facilitates the use of very small profile discrete head-box putting the blinds ‘out of sight’ when not in use, particularly when powder coated to match the window frames. The system is suitable for use as vertical, inclined and horizontal glazings, making it useful for roof lights as well as window blinds, the choice of manual and motorised operation increases the options as does a range of controls for the motorised.

    But key to the systems high performance is the engineering of the metallised filter, fine control of the coatings giving precise control of the solar energy and the proportions that will be reflected and transmitted.

    Control of solar transmittance reduces both the amounts of heat and light that will be allowed into the room, protecting the eye from harmful glare and dazzle whilst reflecting up to 77% of incoming solar energy (g value 0.23) for cutting edge heat control (to EN 14501).

    The filters control of thermal radiation as well as solar radiation makes the blind a more than useful tool in the fight against winter/night time heat loss through the window by noticeably improving the windows insulation by a factor from over 20% ( for Double clear low-e glazing) to more than 30% for single clear glass (EN 13363-1).

    Reduction of heat gain, reduction of heat loss, removal of dazzle and glare all whilst letting in controlled levels of light reducing the need for artificial lighting and still permitting good views to the outside – all reasons why Reflex-Rol solar shading roller blinds have over 30 years pedigree in the UK construction market.

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    Reflex-Rol UK. Ryeford Hall, Ryeford, Ross-on-Wye Herefordshire HR9 7PU

    01989 750910 www.reflex-rol.co.uk


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