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  • How domestic interior design has inspired the modern office

    We tend to think of our homes and offices as very different in terms of their designs, but in fact a number of domestic interior styling trends have been making their way into our workplaces over recent years. Here are a few of the most notable examples.

    The introduction of lounging areas

    Offices have traditionally been highly formal in terms of their layout and décor. However, companies are increasingly switching onto the benefits of including more relaxed spaces akin to lounges within their work areas. By providing these comfy spaces, businesses can help ensure their personnel are able to unwind more effectively on their breaks, and in turn this can help to keep their energy levels and morale up. The tub chairs and modular seating options offered by specialist suppliers like Furniture At Work™ are proving popular among companies that are keen to incorporate more relaxed design elements into their offices. Meanwhile, some firms are taking things a step further by offering their workers recreation rooms complete with everything from games consoles to pool tables.

    A trend towards more flexible design

    Many homes now feature open plan interiors with flexible rooms that can be adjusted to suit owners’ needs at any given time. Open plan kitchens that can be used both for cooking and as entertaining spaces are a classic example. This adaptable approach to design is now making its impact felt in offices too. With the clever use of screens and some additional furnishings, firms can transform parts of open plan working areas into anything from informal breakout zones to quiet spaces where employees can go to focus on their tasks.

    The inclusion of personal touches

    Offices are also taking a lead from domestic interior design when it comes to including personal touches. For instance, while most homes feature an array of family photos, many offices now showcase images of staff members on special displays. Also, just like the message boards often seen in people’s home kitchens, a considerable number of offices now feature boards where workers are encouraged to leave comments ranging from jokes to quotes of the day. Companies are also getting more creative in their use of colour in a bid to brighten workspaces up and give them a more homely, welcoming feel. As well making offices look more inviting, these touches can help to foster a sense of community.

    With people spending longer at their desks and companies looking for increasingly imaginative office design techniques that can help to make spending time in these spaces more pleasurable, you can expect to see further crossovers between our homes and workplaces over the coming years.


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