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    Modern interior design dictates where flat roofs are prevalent, the opportunity to create a light enhancing environment will give the property a refreshing lift in design as well as practical living space. All this has great positive effects on your surrounding and benefits your personal Zen as exposure to natural light, during the day is beneficial to your health via its effects on mood, alertness and metabolism

    At Roof Maker we have been producing rooflights that transform your living space through light emitting properties. This takes the form of minimalistic design and look that is architecturally pleasing in finish for both contemporary and period properties. There is no compromise in quality as we use the highest grade materials with market leading environmental performance measures and a 20 year unit seal warranty.

    We work through the design process with designers, architects, installers and end users to create the perfect look producing a massive light transformation to rooms and properties. Why not visit us at www.roof-maker.co.uk and you will start to see the light – quite literally!

    Flash sale £150 off our Slimline Rooflights ends tonite!

    slimline-from-1041-march-2013 flat-rooflight

    pyramid-from-725-march-2013 slider-rooflight

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