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  • Internationally Inspired: The Vale London Launches Opening Collection

    On a mission to transform walls and upholstery around the world into exquisite pieces of art, The Vale London has launched their first range of exquisitely hand drawn, design-led wallpapers and fabrics. Blending sleek minimalist styles with on trend, maximalist designs, The Oakley Collection – named after a prominent London road in Chelsea – takes inspiration from striking flora, fauna and traditional textile practices from around the globe, with the results a carefully curated collection of complementary materials to be used throughout the home.

    Based in South West London, The Vale London was founded by Melinda Marquardt – a trained artist with an extensive background in textiles – who intricately illustrates each one of the designs by hand, using both pen and ink drawings and watercolour painting to bring them to life. The resulting artwork is then embroidered, digitally/screen printed or woven onto 100% natural materials at the finest, hand selected mills.

    The Oakley Collection features delicate florals, striking tribal masks and ferocious lions, alongside timeless linens, textured embroideries and luxurious jacquard woven designs.

    Kubb, a screen printed ribbed cotton fabric, utilises the primitive shapes and simple geometrics of the traditional Kuba cloth of western Africa, while Sugarbush, a daintily embroidered linen ideal for drapery, takes inspiration from the Protea, a native African flower.

    To adorn walls, Panamania wallpaper features earthy, brown tribal mask illustrations, influenced by the Emberá masks woven by the Emberá tribe in the rainforests of Panama, while Lion Toile is a combination of botanical and animal illustrations with accents of Italian marbling – a striking piece of hand sketched artwork to create the ultimate statement.

    Developed in just three key colour groups for ultimate mix-and-match versatility, the ensuing palette is timeless, comfortable and adaptable to many different design schemes –

    • Sage/Fern is a soft natural palette in pale green tones, reminiscent of a sea breeze or a country walk.
    • Chestnut/Chocolate is a warm, masculine and inviting range; the most intense of the palettes.
    • Silver/Pebble reflects the tonal range of London’s sky, from cool and grey to bright and clear.

    With a key focus on longevity and quality manufacturing, all fabrics are made from 100% natural materials, and are washable – creating a truly usable, durable and lasting product.


    The Oakley Collection is available for both retail and wholesale purchase.

    For more information, please visit www.thevalelondon.co.uk.



    Wallpapers: £200 – £280 per 10m roll

    Fabrics: £85 – £225 p/m

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