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  • Unique Argento™ from COMPAC, evoking the colours of nature.

    Unique Argento™, is part of the Unique Collection from COMPAC –  a stunning range of quartz worksurfaces featuring designs inspired by the textures, beauty and durability of nature’s rivers, forests, lakes and mountains.

    Featuring a luxurious grey surface evoking the colours of weather- worn rock, silvery bark and ash interwoven with a subtle vein of white light to form a truly inspiring worksurface – that’s Unique Argento™.

    Available in a polished finish that intensifies its surface colours or a glacé finish providing a smooth soft sensation to the touch, Unique Argento™ will transform spaces in the home or workplace into something extraordinary.

    COMPAC’s Unique Collection, benefits from the company’s renowned innovative engineering skills which ensures a virtually zero porosity surface which is easy to clean and maintain and will continue to perform and retain its elegance and beauty for a lifetime of use.




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