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  • 5 Golden Rules for Choosing Artwork for your Interior.

    Finding the perfect piece of art for your project isn’t easy! With so many options make sure you take into consideration these essential tips to ensure you make the right choice.

    1)     Start with the practical

    Art is so incredibly diverse that when you first consider finding a piece for your project, it’s best to start out with a few practical considerations.

    You should be thinking about the space and what size artwork (or group of artworks) might fit the space comfortably without looking cluttered. Make a decision whether you’d like a large individual piece or perhaps a gallery wall of smaller pieces.

    Your budget will feed into what type of artwork you should be considering. If you’ve decided you need a metre by metre artwork then consider that most framed paintings will cost at least £800. Alternatively limited edition prints can be more cost effective.


    2)     Colour match or colour crash

    In rooms where there is already a good measure of colour, it proves wise to choose artwork with complimentary colours – perhaps picking out two or three accents from the furnishings and looking for this in the artwork you buy.

    In rooms which are quite neutral in colour, incorporating whites, creams, greys or light woods, artwork can be your opportunity to provide a heady hit of colour.


    3)     Choose artwork based on the atmosphere or tone you want to achieve

    Look for artist’s work which mirrors the sentiments you’d like to portray – whether that’s sophistication, elegance or just a bit of fun!

    Whilst in the bedroom we might look to create a calming and restive environment, the living room might be a space for energy and vivacity.

    Neutral or pastel colours, or simplistic line drawings can be more restful whilst pops of colour or more expressive brushstrokes will provide a sense of dynamism.


    4)     Look for consistency in line and form

    Just as you would look for complimentary shapes, lines and angles throughout your furnishings, the same applies to artwork.

    If your furniture features soft curves and fluid lines, choose artwork that incorporates sweeping strokes or flowing movement also. Furniture with more hard, angled or industrial edges will instead match artwork with more defined lines and crisper detail like those of geometric abstracts.

    It’s all about making sure that nothing jars and everything is in sync with each other!


    5)     Don’t overlook the finishing touches.

    Once you’ve found the perfect piece, ensure you take the time to apply the finishing touches.

    The choice of a frame can have a huge impact on how a piece of art fits into its’ environment – and sometimes the frame itself provides an added decorative effect.

    The choice of material in particular can be used as the bridge between the artwork and the interior. Natural wood frames can match with wood furnishings whilst gold frames can provide a vintage feel or a touch of glam in a more modern interior.



    When it comes to choosing art for interiors, sadly artwork is often relegated to an afterthought. But if you take the time to find something which truly fits the environment it can be an incredible focal point and discussion piece.


    Written by Daniel Lee-Jacobs, Director of ArtsHaus

    ArtsHaus is your shop window to the UK’s best artwork. Working with independent galleries and dealers across the UK ArtsHaus provides free art ‘matchmaking’ services to help design professionals source incredible artwork for their interiors.

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