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  • Instant Attraction with Vicaima

    The moment they entered the room one look was enough, they could tell that it was love at first glance and that without doubt there was an instant attraction.

    Your design and build quality is often assessed by first impressions and what better way to set the right note than by your choice of interior door and door assemblies.  By choosing Vicaima products, with a reputation for design flair and innovation, it can speak volumes about your own values and specification and demonstrate the passion you have for quality productsVicaima offers Housing designers, developers and contractors real scope to put their own stamp on things with imaginative options in quality veneered and laminated finishes.  Design and performance solutions are constantly evolving to meet the needs of an ever changing market and to inspire fresh ideas that present real differentiation for interior living standards.  Two recent examples where Vicaima’s contemporary design ideas has drawn plenty of admiring glances, is in the introduction of the Dekordor 3D and the Naturdor Oak stained ranges.

    Vicaima’s Dekordor 3D embossed face finished doors have really made a big impression, with their highly tactile yet surprisingly durable face finish.  Its striking horizontal embossed surface cries out to be touched and yet it offers excellent abrasion and moisture resistance and is so easy to clean.  Used widely in apartments and luxury living accommodation, Dekordor 3D presents a modern door option with real uniformity of colour and texture. Available in 5 popular finishes including Grey and a recently introduced Oak.

    For specifiers keen to reflect the recent trend for stained Oak floors and kitchens, Vicaima have also developed an exciting selection of real Oak veneered doors with the added charm of staining to bring out the natural beauty of wood in new and less common hues, such as chocolate, hazel and grey, in addition to limed oak, wenge and walnut.  The faces, which are available in either a textured or smooth finish, have been enhanced with a matt lacquered stain finish which requires no further treatment once fitted. Truly different, this range will add charm to both modern and traditional homes.

    No matter which design takes your fancy, it is worth remembering that door and frame go hand in hand.  So a completely matching door assembly like the Vicaima Portaro system avoids the need for oddly painted frames and ensures you have perfect harmony.

    For further details about these and other products from their many Vicaima collections, visit the Vicaima website www.vicaima.com   Alternatively, call 01793 532333 for additional information.

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