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  • At BERING we combine Danish design with the beauty of the arctic.

    The history of BERING is closely intertwined with that of our founder Michael Witt Johansen. The fantastic experiences he made of dazzling northern lights, majestic polar bears, the clearest air and endlessly wide winter landscapes remain unforgettable. At the same time, as a Dane, Michael Witt Johansen is fundamentally influenced by clear, Danish design.

    Since 2010, we at BERING have been producing unique watch and jewellery collections that follow this very special design concept: “inspired by arctic beauty” we combine the beauty of the arctic with modern and at the same time timeless Danish design. For our customers this means: each individual collection impresses with its purist elegance, straight, clear shapes and first-class materials that leave no traces over time.

    This clean, minimalist look is the dominant design direction worldwide. We were the first in our industry to use stylish colours, including ocean blue, ice blue, red and purple. Our design is geared towards durability and timelessness.

    For our watch creations, we use only the highest quality materials. This includes particularly hard, crystal-clear and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. The watch cases are made of pure, high-quality stainless steel (316L). This material is particularly skin-friendly and is also used in medical technology. Our watch straps made of exquisite milanaise are also superbly crafted. The “smooth touch” gives a very comfortable fit. Three years’ guarantee makes our watches lasting companions.

    Like our watches, our jewellery is also made of high-quality stainless steel, embellished with zirconia stones, mother-of-pearl, ceramic elements and other beautiful details. Our collections offer countless options for combining favourite items: our customers will find perfectly matching necklaces, bracelets and charms, rings and earrings to go with every watch.

    Many charms have small, loving messages engraved on them, which also makes them perfect gifts.

    A special feature is also the ring’s „Twist & Change“ system: its inner rings can be switched around as desired. For an individual, versatile look. The rings can be changed easily – just as you like it, whatever your mood or style of dress. Each of the jewellery items consists of a main ring and up to four inner rings. All it takes to change the look is a twist: this releases the clasp and the inner rings can be switched as desired.

    Watches and jewellery are a brilliant match – as always with BERING.

    Contact details:
    Website: www.beringtime.com
    Phone Number: +44 1937 54 3123
    E-Mail: enquiries@beringtime.com

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