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    Daedalian Glass Studios have been making innovative glass designs since 1986. A family firm, our knowledge of the material is vast and we are constantly challenging ourselves to further it. We specialise in showing people what is possible with glass and design through photos of previous installations and samples – you can’t fully appreciate glass until you see it first hand, reacting with light and its surroundings, always creating a feature where it is used.

    Laminated LEDs – Here is a sample designed for a sushi restaurant. Using multiple layers of glass with a design etched on several sides and LEDs sandwiched between the glass. The Lights can also flash to create moving images and in different colours. The wiring is thinner than hair so can only be seen very close up.

    Fused layers of glass – this is one of our most popular and decadent types of glass that we make. Using layers of thin pieces of glass we fuse them together to make 20mm thick multi textured and multi coloured transparent glass, the beauty and detail of which can only be appreciated when seen first hand.

    Fused air – trapping air in a controlled pattern between fused panels is a great and innovative medium for design, with light bending in the space created by the air and can be used with colour and texture while also being able to be transparent or obscured – some of the many variable features of glass.

    Eglomise painting – using the verre eglomise method and etched designs glass can be a work of art and at Daedalian we have designers and artists able to develop and imitate a vast array of images and styles.

    Design variations – here you can see 4 different combinations of coloured mirror and hand painting of one design, samples created to give the client a choice of finishes and feels for a restaurant wall covering. Daedalian were given an photographic image of this pattern and asked to recreate it in various options.

    Deep carved etching – using various methods to etching this glass panel, including sandblasting and drilling, we create a heavily textured design with real relief where the deep carved elements are worked up to 15mm in to the glass. The overall blasted effect is similar to the finish used for the Lalique style of glass.

    Cast glass capitals – this is a photo of early stages of design development working on a neo classical style of acanthus leaves and palms, with glass parts designed to be built around a light sheet. Starting with a hand made wax model the cast glass then achieves double bends and locks together with 3D printed footings on the base – I highly challenging and innovative design.

    Contact details:
    Joe Walmsley
    Commercial Director

    joe@daedalianglassstudios.com / www.daedalianglassstudios.com / +44 (0)1253 702531

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