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  • Restoration of historic tower house into extravagant boutique hotel

    English businessman Mark Worthington beautifully restores 15th century tower house into exclusive hotel boutique based in Alcúdia, Mallorca.

    The luxury Hotel Can Mostatxins (Hotel Moustache) is located in the historic walled town of Alcúdia just 30 metres from the main square. In-keeping with its original gothic style, the hotel has been lovingly and painstakingly transformed into the perfect location for those looking for a relaxing, inspiring experience.

    Once a manor house, Hotel Moustache was apparently named after its owner of several hundred years ago, who sported extremely flamboyant whiskers. Taking its name from the Mallorcan word for moustache, Hotel Can Mostatxins was born. The manor house has undergone a process of transformation from a ruined shell to boutique hotel, described as a ‘labour of love’ for more than four-years. Artisan experts and an archaeologist have foreseen the hotel’s journey of restoration. A juxtaposition of modernity and medieval history is experienced in the tower, which is probably the oldest tower in Alcúdia. The launch of the innovative boutique is being held at the end of March where local business leaders and the town Mayor will be in attendance.

    Hotel Moustache features nine extravagantly unique rooms and is the only boutique within the walls of Alcúdia to feature a ‘magnificent’ spa pool creating a fusion between its original style and modern state of the art furnishings. While sipping on Palo and enjoying a backdrop steeped in traditional Mallorcan history, one can truly relax in this contemporary first class hotel. By taking a small stroll back to the room, you can appreciate the grandeur of the glass walkways, luxurious en-suite bathrooms, WIFI, satellite TV, fridge, phone, safe, tea & coffee making facilities and blackout blinds in the windows for your personal use.

    The Worthington family have been living and working in the region around Alcúdia and Pollenca, on the island of Mallorca for over 30 years, running an olive farm and a building development company. Peter Worthington was offered the house known as Can Mostatxins in Alcúdia Old Town in 2009. Son, Mark says, “It is not often within business or life that you are offered the opportunity to take on a project which will define your ability and success and deliver a lasting legacy. Mostatxins is Majorcan for Moustache, and folk law says the original owner of the manor house sported a famous wax moustache.” Mark states, “The house dates back over 600 years and had been empty for over 300 years, other than a brief spell as a butchers shop several decades ago. “

    The house contained many stunning and unique features. Perhaps the greatest discovery has been the ancient wine press, uncovered for all to see again in the basement of the hotel, which predates the house. The walls of the bedrooms have exposed original pale sandstone and the floors are covered in a light, oil treated oak. The wooden beams have been lime washed and the ancient windows beautifully restored. Mark adds, “There has been keen interest from the people of Alcúdia, who are excited at the prospect of the Moustache House opening its doors and joining the business community for the town. We are honoured to have been able to deliver this project!”

    Hotel Moustache have recently launched an impressive new website to coincide with the opening of the latest place-to-visit in the heart of Mallora.

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