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    Construction Specialties (C/S) have launched a durable and fully customisable interior surface finish which can dramatically transform any environment.

    C/S Acrovyn Imagine® is a brand new addition to C/S’s tried and trusted wall protection range. Imagery or artwork can now be embedded in tough and impact resistant Acrovyn® Sheet, creating bespoke protection for internal walls and other surfaces.C/S Acrovyn Imagine® can incorporate high quality photographs, patterns, signage, branding or custom graphics, offering complete design freedom. It can be used to create soothing and relaxing interiors in healthcare, bright and engaging surroundings in education facilities and can instantly give an attractive and welcoming feel to retail stores. In fact, it can help to easily transform any environment.

    Available in a choice of suede or smooth texture, the material is resistant to chips, scratches and colour fading and can be installed in high traffic areas without the worry of damage to walls and artwork.

    Manufactured from C/S’s award winning Acrovyn 4000 material, Acrovyn Imagine® offers not only a long lasting solution, but an eco-friendly solution, too. Acrovyn 4000 is PVC-free, doesn’t contain Persistent Bioaccumulative Toxins (PBTs), Bisphenol A (BPA) or brominated fire retardants or other potentially harmful chemicals and is 100% recyclable.

    For further information contact Construction Specialties (UK) Ltd: +44 (0)1296 652800, or visit http://c-sgroup.co.uk/product/acrovyn-imagine-panels/

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