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  • Experience life’s hidden comforts with DEVI electric underfloor heating solutions

    Nothing beats the feeling of a nice warm home. And no one makes a warm and – above all – comfortable home easier to achieve than DEVI. Our simple and cost-effective electric underfloor heating solutions can be installed anywhere in your home.




    No matter whether you are renovating a room or building a new house, or even if you simply want to increase comfort or make a smart investment in the value of your home, installing electric underfloor heating is flexible, smart, highly cost-effective and creates an extremely comfortable living environment.

    Mats or cables

    Devimat and flex

    DEVI electric under floor heating is the perfect solution for kitchen or bathroom floors. Our DEVI heating mats or loose lay cables can be laid directly under any floor covering, from tiles to wood or laminate. The DEVI mats are ideal for larger floor areas while the loose lay cables offer ultimate flexibility in dealing with tight corners or odd-shaped rooms.

    Running costs

    With DEVI’s advanced energy-saving control features, running costs are a lot lower than you might think – at less than 1.5 pence per hour per m2 in a well-insulated room with insulating tile backer boards below the cables. And there’s no need for maintenance or expensive servicing either.

    DEVIreg Touch

    DEVIreg Touch 2013 Black side_view_isolated

    Control your floor heating system with our advanced DEVIreg™ Touch thermostat. Its elegant design complements even the most modern interiors. This innovative thermostat is fully touch-screen operated and is the most energy-efficient device of its kind on the market. Energy-saving features such as ‘open window detection’ and the intelligent timer take energy savings to a whole new level, reducing energy wastage by up to 12% compared with the best current alternative.

    The DEVIreg Touch can also be used on refurbishment projects where a mat is already installed, even if this mat is not a DEVI mat.



    DEVIlink w hand

    You can also choose to control your underfloor heating with our wireless DEVIlink™. With its full-colour touch screen, the DEVIlink™ CC Central Controller lets you define different rooms and programme the times and temperatures you prefer for each – all from a single point in your home.

    The best warranty in the market

    Our extensive quality control process ensures both the quality of our products and the satisfaction of the people who use them. And for ultimate reassurance, we offer up to 20-year product warranties on our heat mats and cables – which include the cost of the cables, the installation and even include floor replacement costs. We also offer an outstanding 5-year warranty on our DEVIreg™ Touch thermostat.

    Warranty_icon_20 years

    Danish quality you can rely on


    Based in Denmark, DEVI specialises exclusively in high-quality electric heating solutions. We have the world’s largest electric underfloor heating research centre and have been a market leader since we were founded in 1942.

    Visit Website: www.devi.co.uk

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