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  • Infrared Heating Panels – energy efficient electric heating.

    Enhance your energy efficient home or office with slim profile infrared heating panels. Low energy use electric heaters provide an efficient and effective heating system to one room or the whole building and can be used in conjunction with renewable energy sources to further reduce heating costs.

    side edge view

    Infrared warmth can be felt on the skin, warming people and objects directly, heating the room rather than just heating the air, this is warmed as a secondary effect. Heating panels using far infrared technology create comfortable background warmth across the whole room with very little temperature difference from floor to ceiling because all objects within the room are warmed and there is no air movement.

    800w white glass in farmhouse kitchen

    Glass heating panels combine modern aesthetically pleasing sleek lines, polished surface and smoothed edges with nano silver infrared heating technology. Heating panels can be fitted to the wall or ceiling being incorporated into the interior décor and lighting design, available in black or white finish.

    Cost cutter Bolton with logo

    Mirrored surface infrared heating panels are desirable in bathrooms and wetrooms, warming surfaces and people for a comfortable experience whilst also reducing condensation. Heated mirrors are mist free.

    White carbon fibre heating panels with a fine aluminium frame provide a lightweight and discrete solution for domestic ceilings, suspended office ceilings and contemporary spaces.

    A cost effective electric heating solution for easy installation into homes or the workplace providing an energy efficient and flexible heating solution with no maintenance or servicing required.

    Multiheat have been supplying these infrared heating panels in the UK for more than six years although the product has been widely available in Europe for many years.

    For more information please call 01237 451759 or visit www.multiheat-energysystems.co.uk

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