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    Contemporary works that beautifully accompany homes or business premises alike. Poseytude recently added more artists and artworks to its collection available via the online gallery. The collection of original paintings and photographic pieces all come with stories that add to the depth of the art work making it a discussion piece as well as being beautiful to admire in its own right. All Poseytude selected artworks have good investment potential with artists being selected for their capability, style and growth.  Artworks are also available in limited edition prints, each coming with its own signed certificate of provenance and story.  Our artists can also be available for work on customer commissioned artworks, so please contact us at info@poseytude.com with your design brief and preferred artist for more details.

    Selection of Our Artists (more available on the website):

    Titi Finlay – See the new “Woodstock ‘69” Collection

    Titi_Finlay_Monday Night Blus

    The new collection from Titi will be available very soon. You can see her progress at blog.poseytude.com and how she captures the iconic images of the famous musicians and the atmosphere surrounding them 

    Titi’s rare talent is also on show on the website when Titi captured some extraordinary images of jazz musicians, during a trip to New Orleans, that encapsulate the vibrant colours and atmosphere that take you back to the jazz period of the 1920’s and 30’s. Her style and use of paint is truly timeless and classic, whilst bringing a contemporary “live” feel highlighting a beauty that radiates beyond the two dimensions of this medium.



    Christopher Witchall – Striking paintings making the ordinary extraordinary


    Christopher, a self confessed “compulsive image maker” spends time visualizing the painting and the process of painting itself.  It is this attention to detail that is visible in the artworks produced by Christopher.  A seemingly everyday image given a striking overhaul into a passionately delivered piece that leaves you wondering why you never saw the beauty in this image before.  We readily rush past art all the time when going about our everyday hubbub of activities but rarely do we sit and admire the artistry around us.  Christopher’s ability to capture this in paint just makes you step back, look again and recognise these images as a work of art. It is the real world; flawless, raw and beautiful.

    Forest James – Stunning photographic imagery, mentored by an icon

    Forest James was born and raised on the Tolowa Indian Reservation, located where the redwood trees meet the ocean. He has been shooting since he was 14 years of age and had his first work published in Vogue and Teen Vogue at the age of 23.

    Forest has spent years working as a photographer in the movie industry and had his time in front of camera, appearing in a Levi’s campaign photographed by world-renown photographer Richard Avedon and then displayed on a billboard in Time Square, New York. Following were a half dozen more billboards across New York, Europe and Asia.

    Forest was mentored by industry leader Norman Seeff (www.normanseeff.com) who’s accomplishments include numerous awards for photography and world- recognised published work.

    Art Inspired Throw Cushions

    Poseytude has a range of beautifully designed and manufactured, large throw cushions made from a deep pile, plush, soft to touch fabric.  You will not find these available on the high street and custom designs can be accommodated. Designs shown are inspired from Klimt and Modigliani.

    Contact details:

    Website: www.poseytude.com

    Email: info@poseytude.com

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/PoseytudeGallery



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