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    Setting a new standard within the kitchen industry, Maxtop is Europe’s leading manufacturer of modular quartz worktops.

    Made from solid quartz, Maxtop offers all the benefits of natural stone – strength, exceptional durability and a capacity to withstand high temperatures, along with a beautiful, stylish finish.

    However, unlike heavy stone worktops, Maxtop’s unique lightweight honeycomb core makes it easier to handle and install onsite using the same equipment used to install laminate worktops. So you can get the look you want in less time, and with less fuss.

    Stylish, durable, lighter and more affordable than traditional stone, Maxtop is quartz where it counts.

    Maxtop Quartz is the perfect choice for residential and commercial projects providing a modular worksurface that brings affordability and fast onsite installation.

    AFFORDABLE – A high-quality solid quartz finish, installed simply without the price tag.

    MODULAR – Maxtop comes fully finished on all four sides enabling quick and simple installation.

    INSTALLABLE – Simply installed on-site by your kitchen fitter using the Maxtop Quartz Installation kit.

    LIGHTWEIGHT – Maxtop quartz is substantially lighter than traditional slab quartz making it ideal for multi-storey buildings.

    AVAILABLE – In stock for immediate delivery, get the look you want without the long wait.

    DURABLE – Offering a 25 year guarantee, Maxtop worktops will last a lifetime.

    Liberty Living’s Liverpool-based student accommodation installed Maxtop Quartz surfaces in 100 of its kitchens in just six weeks.

    Neil Dimmock, bid director of Project:FF&E, managed the project and selected Maxtop Quartz comments: “Maxtop Quartz came highly recommended by the client, who installed the surfaces in a similar project earlier in the year”.

    “With this type of project it is important to consider product fulfilment. We placed a high-volume order, and Maxtop Quartz were able to supply the number of units within a very short period of time. Very impressive!

    Neil Dimmock concludes: “The durability and expected lifecycle of this product offered the solution that was essential for a busy kitchen environment that is going to experience heavy usage and footfall. Needless to say, the client is very happy with the final product.”



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