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    Whether you have a rooftop terrace, courtyard, rear patio or a garden area, it is without question that the right use of an outdoor space can allow you to ‘make money out of fresh air’. Indigo Awnings has been providing Al Fresco solutions for over 30 years, and we have a vast amount of experience in providing the most suitable products for any area no matter what space is available.

    If you are considering a complete renovation of your outdoor space, or would just like to freshen it up to increase sales potential, the starting point will be to consider what you want to use the area for, as this will then determine what sort of cover will be required. The advice you receive and your subsequent decision will depend of the size of the area to be covered and of course the available budget. But no matter what your requirements, Indigo has dozens of choices available; from retractable awnings, commercial grade parasols with heating options to fixed structures with retractable roofs and the option to infill the sides.

    At Indigo, we are firm believers that the best is always the cheapest in the long run in terms of the return on your investment. We cannot stress enough the importance of purchasing full commercial grade products that are fit for purpose. For example, if you purchase a cheap giant parasol for a few hundred pounds it would only be useable in times when there is virtually no wind, or at best, very light wind conditions. As such, given the UK climate this would severely limit the use and thus defeat the object of the purchase. Conversely, a commercial grade unit would be able to withstand wind speeds of up to 120km/ph in some instances, and thus could be utilized virtually year-round. In addition, (and unlike their cheaper counterparts) these units can be supplied with accessories such as heating and lighting, linking gutters and even side curtains if required; all of which will add to customer comfort and as a result further increase profits.

    The vast majority of our products can be screen printed with branding and logos; whether it be that of your own company or an external corporate brand. If the latter is the case then it is always worth asking your major suppliers if they would assist with the purchase or sponsorship in return for placing their logos onto your new product/s, as most are very supportive and keen to get brand recognition.

    Once you are satisfied with the above criteria the next issue will be to decide on furniture. Once again, whatever style you choose, it should be robust as well as stylish, as it will need to withstand regular use and be out in all weathers. Having got to this stage, you can now start to consider the options such as landscaping or planting to enhance the overall look of your outdoor space, which will in turn attract more custom and further increase ROI.

    Creating an entirely new focal point for your establishment will enable you to offer events such as weekend Bar-B-Q’s and garden parties, or even provide the perfect backdrop for lucrative occasions such as birthday parties and wedding receptions. In short, a well planned outdoor area furnished with the right products can, and will, present an excellent environment and atmosphere for customers, leading to a great return on investment for you…just make sure that whatever you buy is fit for purpose and that it will allow you to make money out of fresh air!

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