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  • Heating meets artistic design at a Crossroads

    Ledbury, Herefordshire, 29th May 2013 – Jaga Heating Products, manufacturers of award-winning radiators such as the Iguana, Geo and Moon, today announced the launch of its all-new Crossroads – a unique radiator which combines progressive, innovative design with practical functionality. Jaga’s Crossroads radiator is a bold, uncompromising style statement. As much an artistic focal point as it is a heat source, the Crossroads is built up of radiation pipes that have been welded together in a hypnotising ‘hedge maze’ pattern.

     With strong, definitive angles and standing tall at 2m, the Crossroads is ideal for large interiors such as halls and reception rooms. However, sitting only 5cm off the wall, it remains unobtrusive.

    Available in a sophisticated stainless steel finish, or a range of colours including pearl black, pearl brown, white and sandblast grey, the Crossroads blends flawlessly into any interior, and features an environmentally-friendly, high-quality lacquered finish – offering optimal scratch resistance and hassle-free maintenance. What’s more, the Crossroads is easy to install and can be connected to any wet heating system.

    “No longer do British homeowners and businesses have to compromise on design and performance,” commented Phil Marris, Managing Director of Jaga Heating Products UK. “Our latest eye-catcher, the Crossroads, joins our ever expanding family of unique, aesthetically-pleasing, heating systems.”

    The Crossroads is part of Jaga’s Eyecatcher range, which also includes the Heatwave, Tetra, Vertiga and the Iguana collection. Jaga works with artists to drive innovation in radiator design.


    Further information: Jaga Heating Products UK Ltd, Orchard Business Park, Bromyard Road, Ledbury, Herefordshire HR8 1LG. Tel: 01531 631533. Fax: 01531 631534.

    E-mail:jaga@jaga.co.uk. www.jaga.co.uk


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