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  • Experience a new look in veneers with Vicaima Stained Doors

    Real wood veneer, with its natural grain configuration is loved by all and adds beauty and sophistication to interiors the world over. Sometimes however, mother-nature needs a little help to stretch colour combinations and allow designers to explore new trends and original ideas for interior décor. Now with the new Vicaima stained veneer range all that and more is possible.

    Available in 6 new and contemporary shades, Vicaima Stained doors combine a high performance stain finish with a real crown cut Ash veneer base. The tonal spectrum in this latest range includes everything from Pastel Cream to Deep Brown offering plenty of choice and is supplied with a lacquered finish to complete the look. Of course creating a room design need not end with the doors. Vicaima are also able to supply matching frames, architraves, wall panels and even skirting for a coordinated apartment, hotel or commercial project should the scheme demand.

    Vicaima are innovation leaders when it comes to interior door design, constantly in-tune with changing trends, fashions and movements in the built environment, particularly in respect to interior design. Since their early introduction, Vicaima stained doors have proved increasingly popular, offering as they do Vicaima quality veneers with an enhanced stain finish that compliments the natural properties of wood grain. Now the new Vicaima Stained range takes things to a higher level with even greater scope for tonal and grain combinations.

    Vicaima Stained are made on a to order basis and are available in a full range of performance options including; FD30 and FD 60 Fire rated, Security; including SBD entrance systems and acoustic solutions. Configuration possibilities make specification easy, with glazed options, pairs, over height dimensions, mobility widths and completely matching door and frame kits and sets, to ensure that individual requirements can be appropriately satisfied.

    For further details about Vicaima Stained visit the Vicaima website www.vicaima.com, alternatively call 01793 532333 for a copy of the new literature or face samples.


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