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    Superior strength, lasting beauty As well as improved strength and stiffness, other benefits of SentryGlas® include:





    • Superior strength, lasting beauty As well as improved strength and stiffness, other benefits of SentryGlas® include:
    • Safety: In the event of breakage, glass fragments remain firmly bonded to the interlayer, reducing the chance for injury
    • Security: SentryGlas® can be used in glazing that withstands bullets, hurricane-force winds and even bomb blasts
    • Durability: SentryGlas® is extremely durable and resistant to clouding, even after years of exposure
    • Design Versatility: SentryGlas® can be used in glass manufactured flat or curved, including annealed, toughened, heat-strengthened, spandrel, wired, patterned and colour tinted glass
    • UV control: SentryGlas® is available with or without UV transmittance

    TheSentryGlas® interlayer is five times stronger and upto 100 times stiffer than conventional laminating materials.With this kind of strength the glass can be a more active structural element in the buildingenvelope,opening up design possibilities that didn’t exist before.Besides its strength,SentryGlas® ionoplast interlayer retains its clarity-even after years of service.Unlike other interlayers,SentryGlas® ionoplast interlayer is much less vulnerable to moisture exposure or yellowing over time.

    Limitless possibilities

    SomeofthemanySentryGlas® interlayerapplicationsinclude:

    • Minimally supported and open-edge drailings,facades and canopies
    • Structuralglass flooring,stairs,walkways and pedestrian bridges
    • Hurricane resistant windows,doors and skylights
    • Bomb blast resistantwindows,doorsandfacades

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