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  • Embrace The Modern Organic Trend With BoConcept’s New “Bolzano Kollektion”

    Organic design is a trend that has been steadily growing in popularity in recent years. This type of design emphasizes simple curved lines and a focus on comfort and functionality. BoConcept, a leading name in modern furniture design, is releasing its newest collection, the Bolzano Kollektion. This collection is designed with the modern organic trend, and it is sure to be a hit with design lovers and anyone who values comfort and elegance.

    BoConcept is an international furniture retailer specialising in designer collections. The company’s name takes inspiration from the Danish word BO which means life and how to live a good one. Founded in 1952 in Denmark, it has grown to encompass 300 stores across 64 countries. With the Danes being famously known as the happiest people, their life philosophy is about making a life to enjoy, and BoConcept is no different. The company prides itself on offering personalised interior design services and customisations without sacrificing quality or aesthetic design. The Danes see good design as an inherent way of life, and through its philosophy ‘Live ‘Ekstraordinær’, BoConcept possesses a modern-minded style that spans the globe and translates universally to meet the needs of every customer.

    As the way we live at home continues to evolve, the market adjusts to this demand for versatile and modern designs. BoConcept is at the forefront of this trend with its sophisticated timeless and elegant pieces that stand out from classic Danish design and is a market leader in terms of quality and craftsmanship.

    BoConcept has stores in every major city and brings design concepts to audiences that include everyone from younger millennials to lifetime design aficionado fans. With its range of metropolitan to Scandi style, BoConcept produces an aesthetic that lives well against any style environment whether it be old, new, city, or country.  BoConcept pieces showcase authentic Danish heritage with a modern, sophisticated, and minimalistic design that is combined with a particular mix of Japandi style. There’s something for everyone in its collection and with the help of its IDS service, its expert stylists are able to co-create your extraordinary space with no-obligation guidance, tailored to suit you.

    BoConcept’s exciting New Bolzano Kollektion is set to launch in May 2023. It features a 3-seater sofa, 2.5-seater sofa, armchair, and chaise longue. This capsule collection stands out for its contemporary organic style, with curved lines and sculpted round shapes. All pieces are designed as standalone pieces rather than a modular system. Designed by Morten Georgsen, the collection offers a luxurious and comforting design that has a curved frame and soft, inviting seating. The neutral shades of Lazio Brown bouclé provide a calming atmosphere, with the puffed-up seating adding to the cocooning effect.

    Morten Georgsen has been in the design business for over 25 years and his work with BoConcept has yielded timeless results. His philosophy is that good design should never be exclusive – everyone should have access to beautiful style and quality that meets their needs. That’s why Morten has taken the minimalist approach of Danish design and married it with elegant multi-functionality to create pieces perfect for today’s home. As he puts it, “What good is beautiful design if it never gains widespread acceptance?”

    The design world is seeing an increasing trend towards ‘Curved Comfort’ – natural, amorphous shapes and organic forms. This collection fits perfectly into this growing style and aesthetic. Nature-inspired designs are here to stay, and now is the time for us to explore them. In interior design, curved lines can offer an interesting contrast to the angular and straight shapes of modern spaces. Round shapes can create balance and a sense of peace, harmoniously unifying different elements to create a cosy atmosphere like that of Danish hygge. Gentle curves add flow, movement, and relaxation to our home interiors.

    At BoConcept, comfort and style come together in perfect harmony. “Soft rounded shapes add flow, movement and balance to our interiors”, says Collection & Visuals Director Claus Ditlev Jensen. “They create a feeling of home, and a sense of calm and serenity which is already so embedded in the BoConcept DNA, and Danish living in general.”

    When it came to designing the Bolzano collection, it was essential to balance elegance with comfort. “The foam-to-frame ratio was carefully chosen during the rigorous testing process to ensure high levels of comfort without sacrificing design. Moreover, where padding isn’t necessary, we opted for a contoured curved finish that gives our collections their sleek silhouette.”

    BoConcept’s New Bolzano Kollektion stands out for its unique, curved front panel plus an eye-catching “pulled-in” stitching feature on the rear panel that gives the pieces a distinct organic style. This detail is a signature element of BoConcept designs and adds to each piece’s exceptional character. As Claus himself says: “It’s a great way to complete the circle and make our collection stand out.”

    BoConcept offers customers luxurious furniture with an unparalleled combination of modern Danish design and comfort. It ensures that each piece can be personalized to fit your unique style so that you can express your extraordinary with any look. With its expert stylists, BoConcept possessed the ability to achieve industry-leading trends while still maintaining the classic sophisticated touches that make BoConcept pieces timeless.

    For further details about the launch of BoConcept’s “Bolzano Kollektion” visit its website at https://www.boconcept.com/en-gb/new-kollektion

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