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    Long established Design & Display Structures have been satisfying client demands for curvy features that make a real impact through clever use of their 3D design facilities, industry experience and fibreglass manufacturing team.

    The range of profiles, organic shapes, surface textures and colours D&D can achieve is huge.  The fully finished modular panels are lightweight yet robust making the shipping and site installation process easier and quicker, a major contribution to reducing everyone’s carbon footprint.

    Although the primary idea is that its colour, typically a RAL/BS reference, is integral to the product thereby dispensing any need for wet trades/decoration post installation, if a project calls for it one can apply specialist finishes or supplementary artistic decoration.

    Operating two factories based in London and Wiltshire, D&D has an output capacity in the region of 10,000m2 per annum with its largest single project being some 8,500m2.  Of course size isn’t everything – the company actively works on a multitude of smaller size projects and there is no minimum contract value so, as a results driven creative company, rest assured all clients and projects receive the same high standard of care and enthusiasm.

    Clients can engage with the manufacturing process as little or as much as they wish and quite often that involves the erection of factory mock-ups ensuring the finished product is how the design team imagined it during the concept phase.

    Combining Rhino with AutoCad, D&D are able to work seamlessly in 2D and 3D with your digital team.  Carefully crafted working drawings are presented for client approval and then further developed for the tooling and manufacture phases.

    Need it installed by fully trained site certified people?  No problem, D&D cover this as well making them quite unique by providing a ‘start to finish’ package of works.  RAMS docs and O&M manuals come as standard.

    Design • Manufacture • Installation UK wide
    Web: www.design-and-display.co.uk   Email: sales@design-and-display.co.uk
    Contact: Allan Curtis   Mobile/WhatsApp: 07718 320184

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