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  • “Imparlour” your Vintage Design Marketplace.

    A place where You can shop all your vintage interior needs, you can also accessorise you home and yourself with exquisite designs from around the globe.

    Whether your looking for Antique or the finest vintage modern design Make Imparlour your 1st choice. Continue Reading

  • When safety meets design

    Textiles that satisfy international fire standards are an absolute must in the hotel sector thus putting a special challenge to hotel designers and interior decorators. They have to respect the fire regulations and at the same time create a stylish interior that has to fulfil design guidelines and distinctive individual requirements. Trevira CS fabrics meet the important fire safety standards that have been defined worldwide and stand out for their permanently flame retardant qualities. Continue Reading

  • Francesco Calvidini Collezione

    Francesco Calvidini Collezione is an exclusive manufacturer of the world’s finest bedlinen.

    Calvidini bedlinen is used in prestige homes and hotels around the world.

    All the fabrics are carefully constructed, woven and finished in Italy’s main textile manufacturing zone, followed by traditional hand sewing techniques, after which  we have a rigorous checking programme. Continue Reading

  • A new way to experience the Goodwood Festival of Speed

    An unmissable day of entertainment, gourmet dining and quality hospitality brought to you by Goodwood; the home of exceptional experiences. Immerse yourself in the event’s newest and coolest enclosure with Michelin Star and HIDE restaurant chef, Ollie Dabbous. Continue Reading

  • GANT lights

    GANTlights – your source for contemporary lighting from Germany. Your home is more than just a place – it is your oasis of peace and relaxation. With the right lights you not only set accents, but also create the ideal atmosphere for your well-being. Continue Reading

  • Embracing the Future of Hygiene and Innovation: Stern Engineering’s Touchless Partitions and SWAR Cabinet

    In a world where hygiene and sanitation are paramount concerns, innovative design solutions that prioritize touchless technology have become not just desirable but essential. Stern Engineering, a leader in the field of bathroom fixtures and accessories, has taken this imperative to heart with their Touchless Partitions and SWAR Cabinet, setting new standards for cleanliness, functionality, and aesthetics in public restroom design. Continue Reading

  • The Future of Furniture Design

    Since our inception in 1965, RGE has enjoyed working with the largest furniture manufacturers in the world to create bestselling ranges. Today, RGE are able to take on a wide variety of projects, manufacturing furniture for several different industries and sectors – from flat pack to bespoke. Continue Reading

  • Karl Weiming Lu’s Artworks & Biography

    Here present some unique artworks of acrylic & oil paintings by a top talented artist of philosophy and science & technology, Karl Weiming Lu, which include his improv landscape series, psychological memory series, and intuitive abstract series of the origins of universe & life.   Lu’s distinctive paintings are suitable to be hanged on various spaces of cozy homes, classy cafes or restaurants, deluxe hotels and corporate spaces. In fact, Lu’s oil painting Sydney Bondi Beach Walks had been selected to hang on the board room of GE’s Australian Headquarter in Sydney. Meantime, his paintings are also privately collected by individuals. Continue Reading