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  • Mojo Design Studio – Passionate Designers

    Every designer at Mojo Design Studio has a specific intention, theme, and message in mind when creating their exceptional, unique projects. While the studio showcases so many outstanding pieces, Luxury Lifestyle Awards has selected Concentric Circle by designer Ching-Hsiang Peng as the 2022 winner of Best Luxury Apartment Interior Design in Taiwan

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  • L’atelier Fantasia – In Pursuit of Life’s Aesthetics

    L’atelier Fantasia are a Luxury Interior Design Studio based in Taiwan, and their standards, attention to detail, professional service, and array of offerings have drawn the attention of the experts at Luxury Lifestyle Awards, earning them the deserved award for Best Luxury Interior Design Studio in Taiwan, for the second, consecutive year, in 2022. Continue Reading

  • The Art Interior Design – Providing Stylish Inspirational Design in Marbella, Spain

    The team of expert professionals at The Art Interior Design leads the way in the Spanish marketplace when it comes to providing exceptional individualised design solutions. They believe extraordinary design is about creating spaces that offer comfort, style and functionality. All done in close collaboration with their clients, ensuring the ultimate tailor-made results every time. Continue Reading

  • Experience Design Company KH Studio Crowned Egypt’s Top Luxury Interior Designer

    Luxury Lifestyle Awards is delighted to send congratulations to KH Studio following its selection as winner in the category Best Luxury Interior Design Studio in Egypt. The announcement follows a rigorous selection process and a thorough examination of all criteria, based on which KH Studio was found to be a worthy recipient of the prestigious title from Luxury Lifestyle Awards. Continue Reading

  • The art of beautiful candles.

    Nestled on a farm in the heart of North Cornwall, St. Eval sustainably craft high-quality candles using a blend of traditional and contemporary methods, perfecting the art and science of high-quality candle-making for over 28 years. Continue Reading

  • The Zero SW20, Raynes Park

    Imagine a world where beautiful and sustainable homes are standard, not luxury. The Zero SW20, situated in Raynes Park, London, represents a pioneering energy-saving solution that extends beyond the UK housing and construction sector, signalling a new ecological development model that is smart, sustainable and desirable. Continue Reading

  • Zoning Spaces

    We have become used to the trend for Zoning but interestingly we are seeing that Zoning is no longer just for open plan spaces, it’s for all rooms and layouts. Utilising each inch of space has become the norm and is desired and expected by homeowners, and it doesn’t necessarily require big renovations. As we know, good design is defined by its ability to engage and adapt.

    Olivia Crosher, Interior Designer at Naturewall www.naturewall.com  shares her thoughts on more fluid room dividing.

    Flooring may well be the traditional differentiator, but she suggests we should be looking straight ahead.

    ‘Decorative wall panels or room dividers are a great way to zone off an area. If the wall panels are horizontal, they can elongate a room. Equally, if they are applied vertically, they can create the illusion of an extended upward space.’

    She also recommends using the natural elements to section off a space.

    ‘Houseplants connect us to nature and maintain a healthy home by removing toxins and impurities from the air. Big leafy plants can expand an area but if floor space is an issue, wall planters or hanging pots are ideal ways to introduce biophilia into your home. Add in other natural materials such as marble, wood, and stone to enhance the feeling of peacefulness.’

    The most common areas to zone are our downstairs living spaces, but Olivia encourages everyone to look beyond the traditional kitchen and living room makeover.

    ‘You don’t need a large area, try designating a corner of the bedroom or your landing where you’ll be able to feel at ease and the space is unlikely to be called upon for other uses. Another option would be to set up next to a window where you can benefit from natural light and connect to the outside from the comfort of an armchair.’

    Naturewall are designers of Scandi-inspired wall panels that are manufactured in the UK using high-quality materials. All products are shipped free within the UK and are available to order from Naturewall.com

  • Where it all Began

    London & Avalon began simply as a necessity – a need for a good nights rest and the need for reliable and incredible feel Bed Linen to sink into at the end of a long day. The company was born from a place of sustainable luxury, exceptional quality and longevity in mind. Our name transcends the world of sleep and interiors, elegantly weaving together our two eternal muses. The sharp and timeless style of London’s Savile Row tailoring, and the dreamy wilds of Avalon, the mythical island of peace and serenity. We all need an Avalon to retreat to at the end of the day, and we’re here to help you create yours. Continue Reading