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    The Lifestyle Home Lift has been designed to help people adapt their homes to suit their needs, addressing one of the changing demands in the housing market.

    The housing market is changing.  Empty nesters are staying for longer in their family homes, delaying or even eliminating that ‘final move’ to a bungalow or possibly a retirement village.  More and more retirees are choosing to stay where they are rather than relocate.

    Most of the houses that exist today were not designed with this in mind, and are not equipped to cope with the changing needs of their long-term residents.  Narrow hallways and staircases make life difficult for those who develop mobility problems later in life, and this fact is now recognised among architects and developers when building new homes. As a result, we have seen more emphasis placed on building homes for life, with design criteria such as ‘Lifetime Homes’ growing in importance

    One of the Lifetime Homes design criteria states that provision should be made in new houses for the installation of a stair lift or through-floor lift.

    Terry Lifts’ Lifestyle Home Lift has been engineered with all of this in mind.  Designed especially for the home, it will travel safely and quietly between two floors, enabling people to remain in their homes for longer if the stairs become too much.

    Lifestyle Home Lift – A lift to future proof the home


    • Tiny footprint and compact design
    • Self-supporting structure meaning no lift shaft & minimal building work
    • Can be fitted in almost any home
    • Customisable features and finishes
    • Fire protection between floors, whether the lift is in the up or down position
    • BS5900:2012 compliant where applicable and certificated to the 2006 Machinery Directive
    • Made in Britain by an ISO 9001:2015 certificated manufacturer

    For more information, call Terry Lifts on 0800 247 1229, e-mail sales@lifestylelifts.co.uk or visit the website at www.terrylifts.co.uk/lifestyle





























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