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  • NuNu Distribution delivering some of the best audio products available in the world

    A company dedicated to audio and home theatre products. Our portfolio consists of carefully chosen brands that will complement the manufacturers you already use and enable you to give your clients the choice which will suit them. You can therefore be confident of being both well informed and properly advised before you make a purchase.

    NuNu Distribution also provide after sales technical support service. This provides both you and your clients with a comprehensive service.

    We have a passion aesthetical pleasing, well made, high performing Hi End Audio. We are equally passionate about applying our knowledge and experience in assisting you. Whether you are seeking advice with components, installation or system matching, in addition to the bespoke options the majority of our manufacturers offer we are happy to show you the options available.

    Whether you are seeking Ultra High End equipment like TAD Labs (as used in Air Audio Recording Studios in London), Oracle (famous for their floating turntables and CD players from Canada) or Brodmann, originally a piano manufacturer since the early 18th century who trained Steinway  (Based in Vienna their speakers are used in the famous Grand Festival Hall Salzbrug) or simply looking for a nice lift in performance with over 14 brands in our Portfolio we are confident that our products will both delight and entertain with products such as the very unique Thomas Scherer Evinces that will captivate the listener with their seductive sounds.

    Contacts us to find out how we can help you and discover more about the brands we represent:



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