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  • UPVC Windows Can be Stylish

    When it comes to home improvement, the secret is finding that delicate balance between beauty and performance. The main reason why uPVC windows are every homeowner’s go-to is due to the fact that they are celebrated for their strength and low-maintenance longevity. The great news is that, thanks to new trends and technological advances, uPVC windows are now extremely stylish too.

    Traditionally, most uPVC windows are white in colour, but that definitely doesn’t mean that they are plain or unimaginative. On the contrary, there are many different types of uPVC windows to choose from, each unique in their appearance and function. Continue Reading

  • Add Class to Your Garden with an Oak Orangery

    Lots of homeowners consider extending their home at one time or another, but it can be difficult to know what type of extension to choose. Rather than sticking with a standard conservatory, more and more are discovering the style and benefits of building an orangery instead. Historically an orangery was where oranges would be grown as much of the structure is glass and allows a lot of natural light through, but they are now being used in homes as living spaces which provide extra space and natural light for your family. While you can build an orangery out of brick or uPVC, an oak frame offers a far more attractive finish. Continue Reading

  • Luxury Interior Design at Oro Bianco

    Turn your living space into a beautifully crafted home with Oro Bianco. We are a luxury interior design house in London, specialising in crafting contemporary and timeless designs for London’s super-prime properties.

    Our team’s specialist skills and bespoke interior design incorporates elements from the most exquisite and rarest materials sourced from every corner of the world. We offer a truly turn-key service with close attention to detail and work alongside a revered network of talented artists to create truly bespoke interiors. Continue Reading

  • Luxury dining room ideas

    For many, the dining room is a central point in a home where individuals spend most of their time. It is usually the place where meals are enjoyed, dinner parties are hosted, or a space for friends to socialise over a bottle of wine. It is a multi-functional space that has more atypical uses, such as where board games are played on a games night, or a place for the kids to do homework as the parents cook. Whatever the use of your dining room may be, changing the interior and adding a luxury touch can be a great way to reflect your personal style and completely transform your home – without needing to move to an entirely new house. Continue Reading

  • Designing A New Kitchen: 6 Top Tips

    The kitchen is an integral component of your home. It’s not only where you cook, but it is also a place to entertain. You might opt to do some work on your kitchen counter, and it’s often one of the first spots in your home that you bring your guests to in order to provide them with refreshments.

    Nowadays, many people invest their money in improving their kitchen, and for good reason too. A proper kitchen will improve the value of your home, and of course, it will make you happier to see a kitchen that is perfectly polished. Continue Reading

  • Five Things to Ask Yourself Before You Commit to a Remodel

    Remodeling is a huge step for any homeowner. Some remodels are simple and can be done over the weekend – repainting, for example. Others might take more time doing it yourself but can be done in a day or two if you hire professionals. When it comes to the big ticket items, however, you want to be absolutely certain that the design you have chosen and the contractor you have hired are perfect. Swapping carpet out for hardwood or vice versa is relatively easy, but gutting and replacing your kitchen? You want to be 100% certain in your designs so that you will love it tomorrow, and every day afterward. Continue Reading

  • Ideas for a Modern Home Design

    Interior design is something that many people enjoy. However, you don’t have to be an expert to get excited about the prospects of choosing a new living room chandelier or selecting a colour palette. Having said that, if you’re thinking about redesigning your personal home or doing so for a client, you should be up to speed with what’s trending. There are so many different design inspirations out there that can help you develop the perfect concept for the space you’ll be transforming. In light of this, continue reading to discover ideas for a modern home design that you may be able to implement in your next project. Continue Reading

  • 8 Reasons To Renovate Your Home

    Even though some home renovations can be messy and inconvenient, many people still go ahead with them. This is because at the end of the process, their home will be a lot better than it was before, and it will have been worth the slight discomfort that comes with rooms being changed around. There are a number of different reasons why people might want to go through the renovation process; here are eight of them. Continue Reading