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  • Ideas for a Modern Home Design

    Interior design is something that many people enjoy. However, you don’t have to be an expert to get excited about the prospects of choosing a new living room chandelier or selecting a colour palette. Having said that, if you’re thinking about redesigning your personal home or doing so for a client, you should be up to speed with what’s trending. There are so many different design inspirations out there that can help you develop the perfect concept for the space you’ll be transforming. In light of this, continue reading to discover ideas for a modern home design that you may be able to implement in your next project.

    What is a Modern Home Look?

    Before you can create a modern home look, you need to know what exactly that means. Some features of a modern home often include one that has functional décor and a sleek design. You also want elegant contemporary touches such as clean and sharp blinds or minimal sofas and chairs. However, you should bear in mind that everyone’s taste is different, so there’s no one way to design a modern home. As mentioned above, there are certain characteristics and themes that your design would have if it’s modern nevertheless.

    Use Smart Technology

    To create a modern design, consider including smart technology in your plan. This is ideal as smart technology can make your home functional as well as make it feel far more contemporary. Find a few smart technology gadgets that you could use below.

    Nest Thermostat: The Nest thermostat is a great and attractive gadget that you can use in your home. You can twist the dial to turn the heating up or down and if you want to adjust the settings, all you’d need to do it touch the screen or do it from your Android or iPhone app.

    Hue Starter Kit: Lighting is an important aspect of design as it helps create the right ambiance. Smart lighting remains at the forefront of technology and is an energy efficient as well as chic way to light your home. If you get the Philips Hue Starter Kit, it will enable you to set schedules which allow you to turn the lights up slightly in the morning and wake up to a sunrise effect. Also, you can manage your light from your smartphone which is convenient.

    Ring Video Doorbell: Want to know who’s at your door before opening it? Get a ring video doorbell which attaches to your door and when pressed, notifies your phone instantly. Aside from this, you have a speaker and a microphone meaning you can directly speak to anyone that’s there.

    Virtual assistant: A common feature of a smart home is a virtual assistant. You could choose between Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa as they’re both good assistants. In case you’re wondering what these assistants do, they make it easier to control smart home products as you can make simple demands to get the job done.

    Invest in Functional Furniture

    Furniture is a significant aspect of a home, so choosing the right pieces is essential. If you’re opting for a contemporary design, then you want furniture that is functional as it enables you to manage space and gives you a sleek and clean finish. Find a few Multi-functional furniture ideas below.

    Coat and Shoe Rack: Consider having a one-stop-shop for your entryway by getting a rack with enough hooks and shelves. This way you can hang coats, put shoes and anything else you’ll need on the way out in a single place.

    Extending Dining Table: Another idea would be to get an extending dining table that can double as a desk so that you save space. You should be able to fold the sides in or pull them out when you need to which could come in handy.

    Platform Storage Bed: If you have a platform storage bed you can save space in your room and store many of your items in the drawer below. By getting one with angular legs, your table will have more of a modern twist.

    Seeing as furniture can be relatively expensive, consider requesting small personal loans.

    Use Bold Colours

    The colours that you choose to use in your home design are ones that can help make the design modern. Bold colour rooms have started trending and are gradually replacing the trend of neutral rooms. Having said that, when choosing your colour palette, consider this. Ultimately, colour can energise a small space and give it some pop.

    Try Statement Pieces

    When it comes to creating a modern home design, another thing that you can try is adding statement pieces. You want to choose a few bold ones that stand out and draw attention. To make a statement piece work in your home, let it stand out by making other pieces smaller and less ornate. Also, when choosing statement pieces, combine them with their opposites like mixing organic with geometric and dark with light.

    Another tip would be to forget about matching everything and playing with patterns. Ultimately, statement pieces are a way to let your personality shine through your design.

    Choose Timeless Designs

    You want to choose interior designs that will stand the test of time as well as ones that are trending. If it’s your personal home, it will especially help if you think about designs that could help add value. Wood flooring, for instance, is a timeless feature to consider, especially if you choose quality wood. Examples of good wood flooring are oak, maple, and cherry flooring.

    In addition to wood flooring, a timeless design would be when designing the kitchen to use granite workshops. Although the colour of your granite workshops may go in and out of fashion, if you choose long-lasting materials, it should stand the test of time. Not only is it stylish, but it provides a cheaper alternative to wood or laminate which apparently wear quicker.

    Choosing a modern home design is something that should be easy to do with the right inspiration. In doing so, the end result is likely to be something you’ll be immensely pleased with.

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