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  • Five Things to Ask Yourself Before You Commit to a Remodel

    Remodeling is a huge step for any homeowner. Some remodels are simple and can be done over the weekend – repainting, for example. Others might take more time doing it yourself but can be done in a day or two if you hire professionals. When it comes to the big ticket items, however, you want to be absolutely certain that the design you have chosen and the contractor you have hired are perfect. Swapping carpet out for hardwood or vice versa is relatively easy, but gutting and replacing your kitchen? You want to be 100% certain in your designs so that you will love it tomorrow, and every day afterward.

    That is why you should always ask yourself these five questions:

    Five Questions to Ask Yourself

    Before you commit to any significant renovation or remodel you will always want to ask yourself these top five questions:

    1.    Have You Lived in Your Home Long Enough?

    Rushing into a remodel or big changes is a huge mistake. You need to live in your property long enough to know how you live in it and what you truly need to be changed in order to enjoy yourself in the future.

    2.    What Does Your Home Need?

    Focusing only on what you need is also a mistake. You need to know what your property needs, as well. Is it damp? Do you often get mold? Is there a supporting wall that is preventing you from opening up your kitchen to your living room?

    3.    Will Small Aesthetic Changes Do The Trick?

    Sometimes all you need is a new set of fixtures to breathe new life into your home, rather than a full-scale renovation. See if switching out the taps in your bathrooms will work, or if all your living room needed was some new lights. These are easier and cheaper to do than ripping up the floors.

    4.    What Changes Will Add the Most Value to Your Home?

    Renovations are expensive, which is why you want to commit first to the best fixes for your money. This way you can get as much money back on your initial investment as possible.

    5.    Do You Have Enough Saved Up?

    Though you can take out a personal loan, you will likely need a hefty deposit. Aim to save up as much as you can before you begin each project. Use this time instead to work out what design you want in your home and tweak it to perfection.
    Tips for Creating the Perfect Project

    The best way to update your home within budget and quickly is to keep your floorplan. In doing so, you can have a kitchen and bath remodeling project completed in a few short weeks, rather than months. From switching out the cupboards to installing new appliances, these changes make a huge difference in how you feel and even use these critically important areas of your home.

    Remodeling your home is not an easy task, but it can give you so much value back. Kitchen remodels, for example, often give back 80% or more of the initial cost in value added, but how you will feel in the heart of your home will be invaluable.

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