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  • Step out of conventional metal finishes and into Evolution™

    We love the beautiful shades, tones and textures of metal patination – the changes that unprotected metal undergoes when exposed to the elements. Powdertech Corby’s unique range of powders – Evolution™ – reproduces the beauty of weathering whilst protecting the metal beneath.

    Evolution™ powders bring shades and textures of vermillion and amber rust, blue-green copper oxides, dark chocolate hues of old bronze and bluing in steel. We chose high performance polyester powders to replicate the shades and textures whilst providing the highest level of protection, colour retention and integrity. Each finish is created anew as it is applied and is unique to every customer with an authentic variation in appearance. The collection has five ranges – Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Steam Age and Modern Day, an evolutionary journey through natural and manufactured materials.

    Evolution™ is fascinating, daring and unusual. It is also a highly reliable metal finishing system for aluminium, galvanised steel and mild steel and carries the Powdertech 25-year colour, gloss and adhesion guarantee.

    The recent Surface Design Show in London was the perfect opportunity to showcase Powdertech Evolution. Visitors to the show were enthusiastic about the extruded and perforated metal panels lining our stand, coated in various powders from the Evolution range of over seventy different shades. It was interesting to see people actually touching the surfaces, convinced that it was corroded copper or rusting steel and their surprise when there was no corrosion coming off on their hands. We noticed particular attention from interior designers for whom the combination of perforated metal panels and unique shades reflecting metal patination suggested new creative paths.

    The Evolution process has been tested, rigorously and independently, by PRA World Ltd to European Standard EN ISO 12206 and Qualicoat specifications. The test procedures included wet adhesion, acetic acid salt spray, humidity resistance, accelerated weathering and Filiform corrosion. Mechanical tests included sawing, milling, drilling, bending and cupping.  In addition, Powdertech tested for inter-coat adhesion and high-pressure jet wash resistance, tests more usually associated with the automotive industry. In all cases, Evolution demonstrated excellent performance and the results can be seen in the data sheets at powdertechcorby.co.uk.

    This is an adventurous powder coating collection, noticeable and memorable, ensuring that your design stands out from the crowd.

    P.S. Thank you to everyone who visited us at the Surface Design Show. It was, as ever, fascinating to talk to you about your projects and plans.

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    Email: Richard.b@powdertech.co.uk


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