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    For many, the dining room is a central point in a home where individuals spend most of their time. It is usually the place where meals are enjoyed, dinner parties are hosted, or a space for friends to socialise over a bottle of wine. It is a multi-functional space that has more atypical uses, such as where board games are played on a games night, or a place for the kids to do homework as the parents cook. Whatever the use of your dining room may be, changing the interior and adding a luxury touch can be a great way to reflect your personal style and completely transform your home – without needing to move to an entirely new house.

    Being able to accommodate your dining room space for its different uses, is the first step to take to ensure that the practicality of the space is taken into consideration; before adding the aesthetic factor of the renovation or redecoration. The right furniture, textures, materials and accessories are all contributing factors that allow you to transform the atmosphere and overall vibe of your dining space.

    Dining Table & Chairs

    Many will agree that the dining table is the most important piece of furniture in any dining room space. It is the focal point of the room and the most used piece of furniture. Thus, it is important to choose the right table that suits your selected interior style. Some elements that differentiate luxury dining tables from ordinary dining tables are the quality of the make, the use of high-end materials, and in most cases, the tables aren’t just practical, but it also doubles as an art piece.

    Choosing the right shape and size for your dining table will depend on the space of your dining room and the number of people that it will need to cater for. Dining table shapes range from rectangular, circular, oval, square and more obscure shapes. They are made in a variety of materials and are often made using a combination of two different materials. Oval shaped luxury dining tables are increasingly popular as it is a unique shape which is seamless as there are no hard corners. The Boca Do Lobo in Newton black and gold is a perfect example of a luxurious oval dining table that also looks like an art piece.

    Dining chairs will be the last touch that puts together the centrepiece furniture of your dining room. Ensuring that the chairs complement the table will allow the room furnishing to not to be too overpowering – most of the time simplicity is key. If the dining table is more decadent, then opting for simple chairs will allow the table to be highlighted, however, if the table is a simpler style, then choosing a more sophisticated design such as the Metropolitan Steed Gilded Tub easy chair, would be appropriate.


    As the dining room is the primary location where you entertain guests and host dinners, lighting can make a big difference with setting the scene and the ambience of the room. Centred pendants and chandeliers are a must for luxury interiors. Hanging an ornate chandelier such as the Villa Lumi Rebecca, will add an elegant touch and make your dining room appear more opulent and grand. Hanging it right above the dining table allows the light to be centralised and amplify the grandeur of the dining table. Whether you are going for a modern, traditional or rustic feel to your dining room, a light fixture can be an essential accessory which enhances your theme.

    Depending on the shape of your dining table, the shape of your chosen pendant or chandelier will also differ. For example, having a circular table would call for a circular chandelier to crown the table, allowing a seamless transition between the two elements. Experimenting with shapes, textures and materials will enhance the character of your dining room if you are going for a more abstract and free reigning interior arrangement.

    If the style of your dining room is more contemporary, ensure that you don’t neglect the corners of the room as it will make the room appear smaller. Adorning the walls with wall lamps is a good way to light up dark corners, opening up the space, and even act as art displays – instead of the traditional canvas art pieces.


    A perfect host knows that every detail counts. When done right, choosing the best soft furnishings and accessories to suit your interior will add to the sophistication of your luxury dining room. Impress your guests each time by having different accessories, for each occasion and season, that complement your overall dining room theme. For example, during springtime, having the Butterfly Ginko nut dish as a centrepiece on your dining table is a good way to show that you are decorating in time with the season in an elegant way.

    No matter which style you choose for your dining room interior, there are many ways to enhance the space and achieve a luxury look. So take the time to make it your own and add your personal finishing touches using the wide range of designer furniture, accessories and fixtures available at GZ Premium.

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