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    A look into the works of a recent project by Another Design London Limited

    • What was the inspiration behind this project?

    Designer’s inspiration is the retail space of Prada. The soundtrack is David Sylvain 1987 solo album “Secrets of the Beehives”.  They are modern, quiet and spacious.


    • Tell us about the materials you used and why.

    Black marble floor, white marble walls, yellow and light grey emulsion paints, oak timber floor and walls, featured glass & mirror…, etc. Designer use normal materials is suitable for home. It just like basic instruments to make beautiful music.


    • What was your favourite part of this project?

    The favourite part is the ground floor have dining area, living area and garden. It’s three different zones by different materials but it’s so consistent.


    • How would you define your style?

    The designer signature style of Pal Pang is east meet west, modern, and timeless.


    • When was this project completed and how long did it take to design/implement?

    It’s completed summer 2017 and take 6 months of the construction.


    • Does this project feature any unique/unexpected touches?

    It should be the yellow featured wall and the concept is from origami. It’s simple and so match the garden outside.

    All furniture are tailor made by Pal Pang his private label. He used unique fabric such as silk, leather and wool…etc for every items.



    Email: london@another-design.com

    Phone: 020 8549 2311

    Website: www.another-design.com


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