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  • New Air Lounge takes off for Amari Plastics.

    Located in the heart of London at the prestigious Business Design Centre in Islington, Amari Plastics has unveiled the Amari Air Lounge as the new destination for their new Amari Interiors brand.

    Amari Interiors create new and exciting design opportunities for Architects, Designers, and Contractors alike to innovate with artistic, high-quality products from market-leading brands. Our products help deliver a quality image to every project so whether it’s a hotel bar or an airport lounge, Amari Interiors offer style and substance to every project. Not only are our products both durable and beautiful, but they are also offered in an array of choices: covering a range of patterns and textures as well as unlimited custom colour options. For any Commercial & Leisure, Retail, Public, and Residential applications, Amari Interiors is well equipped with the widest range of products in the industry for every project, big or small.

    And with a new Amari Interiors website now live you can browse the opulent finishes that our products can offer any interiors project with ease.

    The main destination for Amari Interiors is our new showroom. Fashioned as a premium airport lounge, the showroom allows you to experience the combination of style and substance with the deluxe applications of our many products. As an environment known for its heavy footfall, an airport lounge is designed to be resistant and hard-wearing but with a first-class look and feel. Our new showroom is the ideal setting to demonstrate the durability of our market-leading brands as the varied applications allow you to envision how our materials can be used.

    The Amari Interiors Showroom is located at Studio 303, Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, Islington, London, N1 0QH. You can contact us at enquiries@amariinteriors.com or call 01932 835017 to arrange a viewing.


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