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    Anyone renovating a property, refurbishing windows or just looking for a way to gain privacy for rooms that are overlooked, will have faced the same problem: net curtains are old fashioned, shutters too bulky, blinds office-like, and frosted glass dull.

    This is what drove professional fashion designer, Rhiannon Southwell, to paint a pattern on her windows. It gave privacy, but was far more beautiful than what’s on offer from retailers. People stopped and looked, took photos, and began knocking on the door to ask where it came from. A business was born: Blossom & Brush.

    The designs are now available on durable, semi-permanent window films that are designed to fit the exact dimensions of any window – whether it’s bathrooms and fanlights, or large bifold doors and shop fronts. You’ll never be left with a pattern cut off at the edges.

    Rhiannon says: “The windows are truly different. I often see etched glass or window film that’s practical, but not beautiful. For too long people have had to choose between style and privacy. The Blossom & Brush window film offers both.

    “They feature some of my favourite designs that cannot be found anywhere else and each order is redesigned to suit the window’s proportions. They’re all bespoke and designed by me, which provides an exclusivity people want. They’re a nice final touch that can add huge curb appeal to any house.”

    Having grown up in Snowdonia, Rhiannon has always been fascinated by the colour, texture and the rich patterns of its landscapes. This led her to become a print and textile designer for brands such as H&M, Fat Face, Super Dry, Monsoon and M&S to name a few.

    The current range builds on Rhiannon’s fashion work and comprises eight designs including floral patterns, a henna inspired print, folk-style film and a traditional lace. They can be bought online to meet exact sizes and prices start at about £30 depending on the size of the window.

    All the patterns are printed on self-adhesive high-grade optically clear polyester and can be easily fitted at home. They can be cleaned over and last for about 8-10 years, making the windows both shatter proof and blocking 99 per cent of ultra violet light.

    For more information visit www.blossomandbrush.com or call 07980881381

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