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  • Using natural stone to bring colour to your home

    The beauty of using organic materials in your home is that they bring an element of calm and peace into your space and natural stone is perfect for achieving this. Using natural stone it is possible to enhance spaces and highlight beautiful aesthetics that can’t be achieved with other man made materials.

    Natural stone allows you to create a uniquely tailored look to fit your personality and lifestyle; here are our top five tiles for use in projects.

    Heritages flagstone tiles are incredibly hardwearing and come in a variety of colours including black, grey and olive. These natural tiles have an ‘aged’ look and are ideal for use as floor coverings and create a distinguished classical look that complements every environment. The variety of colours means that these tiles work with a number of colour schemes and property styles.


    Tumbled Limestone tiles give an antique feel and add warmth to your home. The mid-cream to gold colouring in Jerusalem Antique Gold makes it perfect for use in bathrooms as it is incredibly warm and relaxing. With an antique tumbled finish these tiles create a feeling of elegance and character to your finished room, the soft, neutral colours work well with all interiors.


    Moleanos Limestone is a sedimentary stone and contains fleck like fossils as a result of millions of years of ancient shells and bones from sea creatures settling on the ocean floor. It is a perfect tile for use in kitchens and bathrooms as there are a variety of finishes available and the colour palette ranges from a creamy white through a soft grey blue. It is a very practical and durable stone that can be easily maintained, making it very popular for properties that want to use materials that are looking to achieve a light, airy and fresh.


    Multicolour stepped panels are a low cost decorative wall solution that are packed with striking autumnal and earthy colours and are a perfect way to bring the beauty and texture of natural stone into your home. With natural tonal formations this 3D highly textural interlocking wall panel is a unique way to bring walls to live and make a statement, creating a focal point in rooms.


    Brushed black slate tiles with their riven finish have a gentle textured surface and are a deep black so give a rich decadent finish to walls and floors. Perfect for creating a natural earthy environment, whilst still wanting to achieve a pristine and modern finish. Suitable for domestic and commercial use.


    Colour and texture play a large part in adding natural warmth to a space and natural stone with its many different types and colours is an ideal choice to help marry up your room styling.

    To view the full range of natural stone tiles available visit mrs-stone-store.com the online specialist in Brazilian slate and Portuguese limestone.

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