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  • The Portfolio Collection

    We are proud to be the exclusive publishers of limited-edition prints by renowned artist Bella Pieroni.

    Having regularly exhibited at Decorex, and also in New York and Atlanta, The Portfolio Collection, established in 1995, have helped bring Bella’s stunning artwork and unique style to a worldwide audience. Bella’s work is highly collectable and ever popular, having an ability to fit in a wide variety of surroundings.

    Bella is an influential, contemporary fine artist, mainly focussing on the dynamism of the human form. Her work is described as having great energy and vitality. Her way of working is very much in the moment, and she is highly skilled at capturing the essence of the figure in motion. Music is a primary source of inspiration and is always used when working, thereby driving the energy, and influencing the outcome.

    Please get in touch with The Portfolio Collection to enquire further about our products and do visit our website to see the full range of Bella’s work, which are all available as either prints only, or in a wide variety of stylish frame choices, hand finished in our workshop in the heart of rural England.  There is no minimum order, and we are always happy to discuss your requirements.

    Website: www.theportfoliocollection.com

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