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  • Specialist finance is there to support your design and property goals

    Market Financial Solutions (MFS) offers a range of short-term, specialist finance products which can support property investors, homeowners, and landlords with their long-term strategies. Regardless of whether you’re trying to raise the value of your residential assets, boost the rental potential of a buy-to-let property, or find breathing space for a largescale development project, we’ll be able to match your circumstances with a bespoke solution.

    We’re able to move as quickly as your market demands. We can have bridging finance issued in as little as three days. Even if your background is particularly complicated. Our products are designed with the complexities of the real world in mind. We’ll want to hear from you regardless of whether you have CCJs, missed payments, or adverse credit histories on your record.

    Our permitted and light development bridging loans can help you improve assets already held within your portfolio. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to renovate, refurbish, or convert a property. We’ll look to support your goals.

    These loans can be used for small projects, all the way up to larger plans that require planning permission. They can be used for the basics, such as light cosmetic work, through to covering those unexpected costs that tend to pop up at the most inconvenient time.

    Perhaps the architects you’re working with discover a major structural issue. Or, contractors you’ve hired suddenly go out of business. Maybe interior designers advising on your project warn the materials you want to use will be more expensive than expected. Our funding can cover these concerns, while you find suitable solutions.

    Or, alternatively, maybe you’ve got most of the work done, but need a bit more time to wrap everything up. We can provide development exit bridging loans to property developers who need to repay their existing development finance.

    This often proves useful for those coming to the end of their works, and need time to find the right buyers for their property.

    Of course, we also have several options for those looking to expand their portfolio. Our large loans can support bigger investments of up to £50m, while our commercial funding could allow you to move into entirely new markets.

    Or, if you’ve spotted a derelict property with a lot of potential at auction, our funding can help you jump on the opportunity, and meet that tight auction house deadline.

    So long as you’re investing in England or Wales, we’ll try to match your investment goals with a suitable financial solution. We’re open to a diverse range of borrowers, including individuals, corporate setups, and even overseas entities.

    Dedication to the market has been a priority of ours since our founding. Throughout our history, we have never stopped lending. Even in the face of multiple financial downturns, political uncertainty, and a global pandemic.

    We believe borrowers deserve a lender that truly embraces commitment, in both good times and bad. Let’s work together to get the ball rolling on your property investment goals.

    Contact details as below:
    Email: info@mfsuk.com
    Phone: 02070601234

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