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  • The Galex Plasma clay tile.

    Designed to overcome all your roofing and cladding requirements with harmony and simplicity; obtaining exquisite results.

    The Plasma clay tile was the first flat roof tile of pure forms and geometry to be manufactured in Southern Europe, Plasma is the reference brand in its market segment.

    The tiles contemporary design combines harmony and simplicity, beauty and class. Furthermore, its exceptional and extensive range of fittings and accessories elevate the technical performance of this tile right to the top of the market sector.

    In addition to having the widest range of fittings, the Plasma is available in a choice of 9 colours and finishes, including glazed options as well as textured surfaces.

    The Plasma tile as a cladding option can be installed on curved as well as flat external building surfaces, mansard tiles produced to suit specific changes of pitch / angle of roof to cladding etc…

    Roof pitches from 10º to 90º can be 100% watertight, resolving the challenges of both roofing and cladding requirements in todays contemporary architecture whilst the ease of its installation can greatly reduce labour costs.

    This system is especially suited to off-site construction  due to the fact that installation is extremely straight forward and able to be installed by existing staff.

    Complying with European normative EN1304, meeting EN 539-2 for Freeze thaw resistance and EN 539-1 permeability. Covered by a 35 year manufacturer’s warranty.

    Please get in touch to see how we can help with your next project.

    Thank you.

    Ben Fernandez-Fontan

    Iconic Slate Ltd – Galex  info@galex.co.uk  01270 483 763

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