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    At Charter Lighting, our reputation has been built on providing the highest level of quality equipment and service for the lighting of works of Art.   Lighting products should always guarantee the conservation of artworks, while at all times ensuring the very best possible quality of light.   Nothing matters more to the faithful presentation of a work of art than the application of proper, full-spectrum illumination, and nothing detracts more – both from the aesthetic experience and even by causing physical damage – than the use of poor quality or inappropriate lighting.

    Traditional picture lights can create spectacular results in bringing artwork to life.  At Charter Lighting, our Art Lights are hand-made here in the UK using traditional fabrication and painting techniques. 


    We provide a complete range of solutions – from

    • the bespoke assembly of adjustable, directable, variably-lensed and independently maintainable elements which go to make up the Gallery Art Light specification, through
    • our sleek and refined Fineline range of more standardised Art Lights, down to
    • the Very Diddy Art Light (so named by the Royal Collections Trust…)

    All our picture lights are sized to suit each piece of art individually in terms of overall dimensions and orientation, from the tiniest portrait to huge expanses of tapestry. 

    We can even restore and re-purpose your existing picture lights. We offer various levels of retrofitting services and components to suit all needs:

    • Pre-assembled lensed LED inserts for home-fitting into emptied heads
    • Made-to-measure rail and LED module kits for home assembly and adjustability
    • Off-site Services to overhaul existing heads with bespoke solutions

    The FineLine Picture Light range can also be battery operated, ensuring paintings without access to mains electricity can now be properly lit.  Our special powerpacks have been developed to work with the very latest in battery technologies to ensure viable operational capacity and using components which are both re-chargeable and properly durable.

    For properties that have multiple paintings in one area that are not suitably pre-wired with powered clock-outs, there is an elegant solution.   We introduce a low-voltage current into a meticulously-engineered Power rail which, to all intents and purposes, looks exactly like – and performs the duplicate function of – a traditional picture hanging rail.    

    The system comes complete with all bracketry attachments and decorative finials, and enables power cable attachments every 6” (150mm) – so affording tremendous flexibility for hanging multiple paintings of all sorts of sizes; and for re-arranging the hang at any time in the future.

    Picture lights are not always the preferred solution, particularly where the design ethos is very modern.    Our many years of experience has equipped us with many effective alternatives and engendered an innovative, adaptive approach to everything we do.  With in-house 3-D printing, CNC machine and lathe we are well-placed to re-purpose already-installed light fittings where these belong Just So in a client’s property, but for which an upgrade with today’s standard LED light bulbs simply doesn’t work.

    Charter Lighting’s parent company, Absolute Action is a world pioneer in fibre optic lighting and whose passion is the creative application of fibre optic lighting technology and its elegant integration into the built environment.  Fibre optics have the unique facility for the efficient distribution of light from minute point sources across considerable areas and distances   A single fibre optic system will power sufficient light heads to illuminate multiple canvases of different sizes.  The projected lighting, which can be controlled to generate varied footprints in size and intensity, lands directly onto the art surface without spill, reflected glare or risk of shadow. There are many other benefits, including

    • Ultimate realisation of colour and tonal quality
    • Careful and discreet integration into the built environment
    • Total flexibility with varied lensing options
    • Lights which are entirely maintenance-free
    • Proper reliability and durability of hardware
    • Long-term value for money

    Incorporating fibre optic light heads into existing or new ceiling roses is an especially clever way of secreting the individual lights.   Staircases and galleries of family portraits, frequently adorned by a chandelier, can now have their paintings properly and discreetly illuminated with no problems of future maintenance actual light heads to worry about – ever.

    Charter Lighting provides complete and, where appropriate, bespoke support – from initial advice right through to manufacture, installation and final focusing. We offer a comprehensive service, from site consultancy, bespoke manufacture, installation and focusing, to suit whatever level of input and assistance most suits your particular needs.

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