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  • Stiltz Take Stylish Home Lifts To another Level

    Domestic lifts specialist Stiltz has launched a stunning new range of lifts for homeowners looking to improve their lifestyle.

    The futuristic home lifts have an unrivalled ability to fit into spaces other lifts cannot which means they can be installed practically anywhere in a two-storey house.

    It provides a faster and more convenient way of getting between floors and allows stairs to be kept the way they have always been without any major structural changes. Investing in a home lift can be more cost-effective compared to moving house and add value to a property.

    Unlike a noisy conventional lift, the Stiltz Lift requires no hydraulics as it is powered by a quiet electric motor that sits above the lift and plugs straight into a normal 13-amp power socket. It does not even need to be fixed to walls or floors as it is totally self-supporting thanks to Stiltz’s innovative dual rail technology.

    The Stiltz Lift includes two remote controls to call the lift up or down and can be operated by one person inside it. The roof of the lift is covered with the original floor so once upstairs nobody would practically know it was there.

    A half-height door, internal LED downlights, full height light curtain and all safety features are included as standard, while optional extras include a fold down seat, interior grab rail and interior telephone. The Stiltz Lift can even be customised by choosing a different exterior colour and interior finish.

    The Stiltz Duo Lift – which can comfortably carry two people and is an ideal alternative to a stairlift – is now available in three models including the Stiltz Classic – its flagship model which starts at £11,950 (including all standard site preparation and installation costs), Stiltz Duo Vista – which is fitted with a clear body made from structural polycarbonate to give it a contemporary look and Stiltz Duo Thru Car – which allows users to exit from both sides.

    The Stiltz Trio Lift – a bigger wheelchair lift of the Stiltz Duo Lift which is compact but spacious enough to fit a standard-sized wheelchair is also available in all three models.

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    More commonly known as Stiltz home elevators are also on sale in the USA.

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