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  • T.A.G Smith

    Inspired by the natural world, Nottinghamshire based self-taught artist T.A.G. Smith creates unique realistic sculptures using the natural characteristics of different woods. From the age of fourteen Tom has gradually been teaching himself and developing a technique known as ‘intarsia’. Intarsia is a woodworking technique that is similar to marquetry and uses pieces of wood of different size, shape and species to create a picture which is like a mosaic but with an illusion of depth.
    Tom’s passion for birds of prey is often the driving force behind his work, which allows him to recreate the shape and form of any bird. His sculptures of birds of prey in flight are very dynamic, which gives you a feeling of the grace and power possessed by real birds. Tom has also developed the intarsia technique further to enable him to accurately reproduce feathers with their delicate structure and flowing contours.

    Tom’s work is often described by people who see it as “mind-blowing”, “totally unique” and “of the highest quality”. He sells his work, which is a great addition to any home or workplace in a number of UK galleries and he is also available for commissioned pieces which can be ordered through his website or by getting in contact with Tom directly.

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    T.A.G. Smith

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