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  • The Travelling-Desk®

    Not in the shops!

    The Travelling-Desk® is a patented, new invention: an attaché case and a writing desk, in one! It is light and elegant, lighter than an equivalent leather bag, but can carry a lot: your pens, papers and books of course, but even your laptop or new iPad; your toothbrush, a water-bottle, a chocolate bar, your perfume – all your favourite things. On the right day you can add your pajamas! It is indeed also an overnight case.


    But the great, great thing about this briefcase is that you can write on it, wherever you are! Waiting for the train or the plane, or on the move, in the bus or the car, or on a park bench, or in bed! So it saves you hours of dead time. Armed with pencil and paper and a desk, you can work, you can play, you can think, you can fight boredom, that “delicate monster”. Whatever the hurly-burly around you, you can retreat to a safe and familiar place – a place of words, of thoughts – an intelligent place.


    The Travelling-Desk® is a great working tool for many professions. If you are a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer, a teacher, a writer, a poet, a travelling salesperson, it is a most practical brief case. It is in effect a travelling office. Hence it makes a nice personalised gift for a professional person.


    They can keep their books and paints and pencils under control, travel with them, from room to room, or to another house. It is their little house. It reminds them, and all of us, of happy school days. And it is great to keep them busy in the back of the car. They can read, draw, colour…


    If you are not satisfied with your Travelling-Desk®, we will give you a full refund (100 euros), but not the shipping cost (75 euros), if you return the box in 7 days. Please contact us before posting back. We may have a local address for you to return the parcel, thereby reducing the postage cost for you.

    Harbans Singh
    The happy inventor of The Travelling-Desk®.

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    Visit Website: www.travellingdesk.com

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