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  • Simply Stunning – The Chamberlain Black Collection – From Chamberlain & Co.

    For some things words are quite unnecessary; they speak eloquently for themselves. The Chamberlain Black collection of luxury handcrafted ceramics is just such a thing.

    Hand made from luxuriant black ceramic, the elegant forms of the Chamberlain Black collection speak of heritage, quality and unmistakable prestige. The glimmering jet black surface of each adorned by graceful hummingbirds descending upon tantalising passionflowers so lifelike that one can almost detect the exotic scent. Highlights of 23 Karat gold bring additional lustre to these richly contrasted works of art.

    Timeless. Beautiful.

    Chamberlain & Co Chamberlain Black collection will take your breath away.

    Chamberlain & Co

    Merebrook Business Park, Hanley Road, Malvern, Worcestershire WR13 6NP

    Telephone: 01684 311704 Email: enquiries@chamberlainco.co.uk www.chamberlainco.co.uk


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