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    Luxury Vinyl Tiles are becoming an increasingly popular flooring choice within residential and commercial properties due to their durability and attractive designs.

    Schönox iFloor is a revolutionary new system incorporating a unique rollable adhesive providing a fast and clean installation ensuring the mess and waiting times of standard flooring adhesives are a thing of the past.

    Supplied in kit form, Schönox iFloor contains Schönox KH Fix Primer, primer roller, iFloor Adhesive and adhesive roller. The kits are available in two sizes, each containing the required components to fit either 50m2 or 125m2 of LVT’s.

    Using Schönox iFloor has many advantages over traditional flooring adhesives with speed and ease of application being the key benefits, as both the primer and adhesive are roller applied bringing an end to time consuming and back breaking trowelling. The system also has a long working time of 2 hours but a short waiting time of just 10 minutes allowing the flooring to be laid quickly.

    Roller applying the adhesive in thin layers eliminates the problem of excessive adhesive residues and stops any residual adhesive moving up through the joints leaving both the vinyl surface and the installers hands clean. The thin layer also forms a flat adhesive bed rather than the adhesive notches of a trowel applied product ensuring the risk of point load deformation is dramatically reduced. The immediate bonding of the vinyl allows instant loading, an advantage when additional work is to be carried out in the area. Schönox iFloor is also ideal for repair work as damaged tiles can be easily removed and replaced without any further surface preparation.

    For further information on Schönox iFloor or any product within the Schönox range contact your local sales representative, call direct in 0113 240 3456 or visit the website at www.everbuild.co.uk.


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