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    The Infinity Solo condensing and low NOX condensing water heater is the first Rinnai product for the UK to bring together the advanced technology of its wall mounted continuous flow water heaters with a stainless steel storage cylinder in one compact footprint.

    Originally envisaged as a single installation product for light commercial operations such as B&Bs, small hotels and schools, Infinity Solo is now being manifolded by installers for larger projects including a recent major primary school installation.

    There is no restriction on the number of units that can be linked together as the installer can simply work out the volume of hot water required to determine the number of units required.

    This versatile newcomer has also very quickly carved itself a niche in new build and refurbishment housing projects where it is being installed in larger three – and four-bed houses where specifiers have identified it as a cost effective hot water provider for a family bathroom, ensuite and a downstairs cloak room/shower.

    Several of the 24kW-59.5kW Infinity Solo range are renewables compatible and supplied pre-fitted with a coil, ensuring the primary energy source will always be from renewable gains and the complementary Rinnai water heater will only apply the precise amount of gas to boost the difference in temperature.

    The Solo cylinder is stainless steel, greatly reducing the weight compared to glass lined models, which makes transportation and installation a whole lot easier. The cylinders also boast extremely low heat loss (as low as 1.41kW/h day), which means the customer pays less to maintain the heat within the tank.

    Rinnai’s new Solo range incorporates 35kW and 54kW appliances, ensuring that even sites with a smaller gas meter can utilise its advanced technologies.

    The larger Infinity Solo model will also act as a high-efficiency alternative to other current forms of gas fired storage appliance. The cylinders also have extremely low heat loss figures (achieving 1.41kW/h day), which means the customer pays less to maintain heat within the tank.

    Integral controls on the units ensure optimum performance and efficiencies whether locally or when integrated into a building management system. And there is also Legionella protection available too. Rinnai has invented technology for secondary return DHW systems in the form of additional controls which allow for safe running of water at 42°C core temperature during the day and 60°C at a time when the building is closed. By the time the building reopens, core temperature is 42°C for safe use.

    The Rinnai Infinity brand carries the widest range of condensing water heaters on the market today with the most impressive efficiencies in operation, leading the field in technological innovation.

    For more information on the RINNAI product range visit www.rinnaiuk.com


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