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    Graphenstone is the first global manufacturer of 100% natural products incorporating pure carbon graphene, a remarkable 21st century nano-technological discovery. Available in over 30 countries around the world and recently launched in the UK.

    The mineral range includes paints, coatings, mortars, adhesives and sealants. The inclusion of graphene, the strongest material known to science and sourced from pure carbon, exponentially enhances the hardness, durability, compression, tensile strength and elasticity compared to common natural coatings.

    Key features;

    • 100% Natural (Cradle to Cradle Gold & Silver certifications)
    • Significant improvements in costs and manpower.
    • Our Unique 98% pure Lime Base ensures products of the highest and healthiest quality.
    • Contains graphene fibres, a cutting edge nano-material, acting as a supporting mesh at the molecular level.
    • Zero VOC’s, no toxic heavy metal elements. Ultimate in eco-friendly characteristics.
    • No carcinogenic toxic substances or harmful agents.
    • High carbon capture

    Free from harmful substances such as biocides or plasticizers, the Graphenstone lime range of coatings meet the highest quality standards, offering the perfect solution for all forms of decoration and restoration.

    Graphenstone is the most sustainable and ecological coating for both indoor and outdoor projects. It is made from a premium 98% pure hydrated lime base (calcium hydroxide Ca(OH)2), resulting in materials of exceptional quality.

    Our combination of natural traditional materials with carbon based nanomaterial graphene has created the most technologically advanced, durable and healthy coating solution in existence.

    “The porous nature of Graphenstone coatings ensures that walls can still breathe, preventing mould and moisture build up, thereby creating safe and healthy environments”


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